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Wake- #1

Albert- #2

Jenkins- #3

Vernon #6

Landry- #12

Mitchell- #14

Odrick- #15]]>
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Subject: Delmas named AFC Defensive Player of the Week - by: cuchulainn ... Delmas stepped up in a big way in Sunday’s 27-13 win against Jacksonville and he was awarded for it.

Delmas today was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week. He had two tackles, a fumble recovery, a pass defensed and an interception which he returned 81 yards for a touchdown.

Nice to see some of our guys getting some love.]]>
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Subject: Dan Marino privately tutoring Dolphins quarterback - by: Dolfan1

Dan Marino, Hall of Fame quarterback and Dolphins special advisor, has a new unofficial title:

Quarterback tutor.

Increasingly visible at the team's Davie practice facility, Marino has in recent weeks worked privately with Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore, watching game tape and making suggestions to the team's quarterbacks.

"He's around all the time, and he'll pop in [the meeting room]," Moore said. "We kind of sit in there and chat and talk about ball and other things. ... Obviously, he's one of the greatest of all time. It's definitely good to have him around, for sure."

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Added Tannehill: "He’s always pointing out little things on tape, receiver’s routes, or something I’m doing. He’s good at picking up little things and passing them along."

Marino has met with the players several times, both alone and with members of the coaching staff present. While Moore and Tannehill were light on specifics Wednesday, it's clear that the tutorials were not a one-time deal.

For Marino, it's the latest twist in a job whose description still seems a bit nebulous.

When he met briefly with reporters earlier this fall, Marino said that he will work on sponsorship, stadium and community initiatives and “be supportive on the football side.”

Marino added then: “So far, it’s been good.”

Yet his hands-on approach with Tannehill and Moore is a new – and intriguing – development. Marino is not only one of the best quarterbacks of all time, he's easily the most popular player in the team's 49-year history.

If he has any sage advice on how to fix the team's offense, now's the time to give it. The Dolphins are a frustrated bunch after Sunday's struggles in Jacksonville.

The team went without an offensive touchdown in the first half for the fourth time in seven games. Mike Wallace was still steamed two days later, resorting to profanity Tuesday when discussing the team's offense.

On Wednesday, Joe Philbin indicated that he had no issue with Wallace's pointed comments.

"I think he echoed a lot of things we said," Philbin said. "We want to be better. We want to be more explosive. We want to score more points. We’re here to build something special offensively. We are not there yet. We have a lot of work to do."

That work, most certainly, begins in the first half. Miami gained just three yards in its first three drives Sunday.

That's living dangerously, considering Miami's brutal November schedule. But when asked how to reverse the trend, Philbin was short on specifics.

"We have to do a better job," Philbin said. "I have to do a better job. We have to do a better job putting the players in a position to be successful. They have to do a better job executing."

Philbin added: "I don’t think it’s one thing. I’m being serious. If I thought it was a lousy pep-talk, I would give a better pep-talk. If I thought it was a bad pre-game warmup, I would do something different. Again, every week is different, and I’ve been in this a long time. ... I like the way we prepare for a game. I concur we have to do better, but I’m confident we will."

With the season nearly half-over, it better happen soon.

For Tannehill, Sunday presents a different benchmark: his 40th NFL start. Only four other Dolphins quarterbacks have started that many games for the team – Marino, Jay Fiedler, Bob Griese and David Woodley.

“I’m just focused on the things that I can improve every day, working in this offense and what I can do each and every play to execute,” Tannehill said. “It has gone by very fast. Gone by really fast. Been a great time and I see the opportunities this team has in front of us. We have a lot of football left.”

▪ Daryn Colledge remains sidelined by a head issue that manifested itself in the first drive of Sunday's game. He missed all of practice Wednesday with what the team called an illness; he is suffering from migraine headaches and a sinus infection.

Tight end Dion Sims, seen in a walking boot Wednesday, also missed the entirety of practice. He has a toe injury.

Six Dolphins were limited in their participation Wednesday: TE Charles Clay (knee); G Nate Garner (neck); LB Chris McCain (foot); LB Koa Misi (ankle); C Mike Pouncey (hip); S Jimmy Wilson (hamstring).

▪ Safety Louis Delmas, who had an 81-yard interception return for a touchdown and recovered a fumble at Jacksonville, is the AFC's defensive player of the week, the league announced Wednesday.

Delmas also had two tackles and a pass defensed in the Dolphins 27-13 victory, which featured two Miami defensive touchdowns.

▪ Coming to Sunday's Dolphins-Chargers game: the Dolphins Style Lounge, a retail boutique offering free Dolphins “Fanicures.” The Miami Dolphins Women’s Organization will also honor female military members with a private event recognizing their service.

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Subject: Dolphins A 1.5 Point Home Favorite. - by: Southbeach
Can a Mod correct the title?]]>
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Subject: Jake Long's Injuries Continue Beyond the Dolphins. - by: Tarpon
Long suffered a torn ACL and MCL in the penultimate game of the 2013 season, and it was impressive that he was able to come back and reclaim his starting spot to start this year.

After working his way back onto the field in early August, Long discussed what he did to regain his sharpness, via's Nick Wagoner.

"Just getting timing back, getting the pass set and getting that fast twitch off the ball for those speed rushers and just really working your explosion and getting low and bending your knees and that's been coming back good," Long said. "As the days go on, the rust will knock off and I'll get better."]]>
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Subject: OL Pass Protect Comparison 2014 vs 2013 - by: Southbeach
2014- 12 sacks, 15 hits, and 32 hurries
2013- 41 sacks, 39 hits, and 114 hurries


2014- 5 sacks, 9 hits, an 12 hurries
2013- 25 sacks, 26 hits, and 69 hurries


2014- 7 sacks, 6 hits, and 20 hurries
2013- 16 sacks, 13 hits, and 45 hurries.

We can easily see where the improvement has come from. We can also see that in spite of Benton and Lazor, the interior so far has been as bad or worse than a year ago]]>
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Subject: Colt McCoy - by: virginiadolfan
Then McCoy and Tannehill can have a real competition to see who the starting QB will be next year.]]>
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Subject: Bucs trade - by: virginiadolfan Phinatics Talk Wed, 29 Oct 2014 01:44:37 +0000 Subject: OT kinda: College Playoffs - by: ONole1
My rankings are as follows;
1. Mississippi State – Although for the AP ranking I still think FSU should be number one since they haven’t lost this is supposed to be independent of the polls and I do think they are playing the best ball in the country right now.

2. Florida State – They are not the same team they were last year but losing 4 starters on offense, 6 on defense and the DC the media was stupid for thinking they would be. I really think Thursday night is going to be a tough game. We never play good on Thursday nights and Papa John’s Stadium is gonna be rocking Thursday.

3. Georgia – Yes, you read it right. While the western conference gets all the press I think Georgia is as good as anyone in the nation and I think they will win the SEC.

4. Oregon – I think with them getting healthy they are good. I question how they match up with any of the other three but I think right now they should be in there.

5. Alabama – I think they have enough good players to be up here and I think will end up playing Georgia for the SEC title.

6. Michigan State – They are a good team and I think would match up well against teams like Miss State, Georgia, and Bama. I don’t think they match up well with Oregon and FSU.]]>
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Subject: Miami Dolphins interested in Doug Martin? - by: Bahamas
Believe it or not, the NFL trade deadline usually passes with little to no excitement. Rarely do we ever see any star players getting traded, as it’s hard for a player to make a direct impact so late into the season. The key assets that could be traded are draft picks, as teams already looking for next year are obtaining key ingredients to make them better.
Enter Doug Martin.

Martin is having one of his worst seasons in his short NFL career. Muscle Hamster, looks more like a scared mouse running around the backfield. We haven`t seen his traditional power or even drive that we saw in Doug Martin rookie year. Injuries have started playing a toll on the 25 year old prospect, and he is averaging a career low of 2.9 yards per carry.

How much does that have to do with the offensive line of the Buccaneers or has the injury that took him out all of last year still causing Martin to run ineffectively? Truth be told, we haven’t seen enough of him to level set how much it would cost to obtain this once former pro ball player.

Let`s also not forget that the Miami Dolphins new General Manager; Dennis Hickey has ties to the Buccaneers as he was part of the front office that drafted Martin three years ago, as such, Hickey understands what Martin can bring to the table, and what he can do in this league. There was a report in the Miami Herald that stated that Hickey has called the Bucs asking about Martin:

The Miami Dolphins have lost Knowshon Moreno for the season with a torn ACL, and have Lamar Miller as their starting running back for the remainder of the season. Daniel Thomas was brought back to relieve Miller in the running game and he has been okay, but nothing to call home about. If Martin was added he would immediately provide a formable one two punch that we once had in game one against the Patriots.

Now what would it cost? Martin is still on his rookie contract and is affordable. He is scheduled to make 2.16 Million next season and has a cap hit of 1.851 million this year. If was the General Manager I would look into this trade, but I wouldn’t offer anything more than 6th round pick. We all know that Lovie Smith wants to rebuild in Tampa, and was not part of the regimen that draft Martin, as such, Lovie can`t expect more than a 6th rounder, especially with the production and injury concerns that Martin has showed so far.

If there was a deal on the table for Doug Martin for a 6th round pick – would you pull the trigger?]]>
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Subject: Games that I think we need to win - by: virginiadolfan
Here are the games that I think we need to win.

Chargers. There is no way that we will finish with a better record than them if we lose to them next week.

Bills. There is no way that we will finish with a better record than them if they sweep us.

Jets twice. The Jets are horrible and we have to sweep them. Besides, thats how we can win the tiebreaker over the Bills if we split with them, the next tiebreaker is division record and we will finish with a better division record assuming we both lose at the Pats.

Ravens. They are another team we will be competing with for a wildcard spot unless they win their division. If they win their division then we don't have to win this game but we would need to win another one of our difficult games.

Vikings. Home game against a bad team. We have to win it.

The 3 hardest games on our schedule happen to be games we don't have to win if we are just going for a wildcard berth.

@Lions. If they are still missing most of their injured players when we play them in 2 weeks then all of a sudden this becomes a winnable game. So if the Ravens win the AFC North and we don't beat them then this is the most winnable of the remaining 3 games.

@Broncos. I just don't see any way that we win this game unless Peyton Manning is not playing.

@Pats. Unfortunately it looks like they are back to being themselves again and they will most likely win the division and its almost impossible to beat them in Foxboro.]]>
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Subject: Wheeler In The Dog House? - by: Southbeach
Think what you will of him, for many not much, but he played well this year, and is much better on the strong side over Trusnick or Shepard. I have to question if Phlbin is masking the best choice for the team if in fact it is because of Wheeler's comments. The other two are not close to his talent level.]]>
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Subject: Jordan, McCain, and Fede vs Jax - by: Southbeach
McCain had only 7 snaps, 2 run, 4 pass, and one cover. He had 2 tackles.

Fede had 9 snaps, 3 run and 6 pass. He had a sack and a tackle.]]>
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