Phinatics - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Mon, 20 Oct 2014 22:44:04 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Phinatics - Forum en-gb Subject: the miller,thomas tandem? - by: phinfanfrom70s thomas goes down the spot where he gets hit,
most of the time.
moreno showed that bull them over ,never let the first guy take you down with out a few more positive yrds,but that is over with for this year.
miami really needs a young RB that can power those yrds out.they can't rely on Thill to be the top yrd gainer every game.
this year it looks like the miller,thomas tandem with a sprinkling of williams every so often is what they have this year,is it enough to help them into the playoffs?]]>
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Subject: Phins Logjam At DE - by: Southbeach
Enter in McCain who in very limited snaps still makes things happen. He only had 8 vs Da Bears, 3 pass rush with a hurry and 5 in coverage playing well. He needs to see the field more but, who do we sit? LB could offer some options.

Now, here comes Jordan. He likely will need some time for game shape after being completely away for 7 weeks but, has to be fit in as well. Regardless of what you think of him, he does have a hell of a lot of talent, was our best special teams player, and brought a lot of pressure in limited play last year.

Fede is no slouch either.

What to do?]]>
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Subject: Nole - what is going on with you boy J Winston - by: Bahamas
if he falls - how far will he go? 5th round?]]>
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Subject: AFC EAST STANDINGS - by: DolphinsFreak Bills 4-3
Dolphins 3-3
Jets 1-6

The Patriots next 6 opponents before playing the Dolphins again are as follows; Bears, Broncos, Colts, Lions, Packers and then Chargers. I can easily see the Patriots losing at least 3-4 of these games, if not more.

The Dolphins next 7 games before playing the Patriots are as follows; Jaguars, Chargers, Lions, Bills, Broncos, Jets and Ravens. In my opinion the Dolphins have a great chance of winning 4-5 of these next 7 games.

So I do think that the Miami Dolphins have a legitimate shot of entering that game against the Patriots in 1st place in the AFC East.

Do you agree or disagree?]]>
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Subject: Where is the fire Joe? - by: Bahamas
Don`t get me wrong, yesterday victory over the Chicago Bears was huge! Great win for our entire team on all facets of the game. The players showed up and more importantly we left Chicago with the W. This was an important victory for the Miami Dolphins as it erased that ugly feeling we saw from last week 4th quarter collapse against the Green Bay Packers. Watching the video of Philbin, I was hoping for a passionate, aggressive and enthusiastic speech to his players. A speech, that would show his players how important this victory was.

Now, the video was edited so us the fans did not have the opportunity to see the entire speech, however, what was shown lacked any fire. There was no liveliness with Philbin speech, rather a laid back approach tailored around thanking the organization from the top to the bottom. Philbin speech talked about having the right personnel that led to this victory. This wasn’t the message that I was hoping to hear. I wanted him to show some sort of emotions, signalling out players that made this victory possible.

Ryan Tannehill best game of his career
Courtland Finnegan redemption
Cameron Wake dominance on the line of scrimmage.

What was seen from the short video was a grade 3 science project applause from the players. After a redemption game like this, the coach needs to have the ability to fire up his players and them fight for him. Fight for that extra yard or catch or break. I am not sure how this speech would motivate his players for next week battle against Jacksonville.

Football is a high energy sport. As a coach you need to encourage and influence your players so that they can believe in you. A coach is responsible for maintaining confidence in their players, based on the speech that we saw on Sunday afternoon, I wouldn`t want to move a chair out of his way.

I understand that Philbin might not be the motivational speaker nor a coach that shows the type of fire Pete Carroll demonstrates every week, but he needs to understand sometimes players need to see that type of passion from their coach as it get the players and his team fired up…After all they are the ones that are fighting for him.

Here is the link for the speech]]>
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Subject: Fixing Tanehill Solved? - by: hawkfinfan
Well baseball has hitting coaches. So we get a hitting coach to whack Tannehill with a rubber mallet before the game so we get good Tannehill???]]>
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Subject: miami showing improvement! - by: phinfanfrom70s the defense has help by closing down the run game and making the teams beat them through the air.
that being said,they are bad in the middle. the middle is always wide open,but the defense as a whole has got the job done.
could jordan in the middle as a Lbacker help that out or is he better utilized better as a pass rusher.
the question is, will they play this well next week against the jags.
historically they have had let downs or playing down to lesser teams.
they need to beat the teams they should beat and beat some teams that no one gives them a chance too.]]>
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