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I have W a #1 but, not sure on #2. Who do you have as the top 2?]]>
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Subject: Shrine Game (a little late) - by: VAIDER5120
OG- John Miller, Louisville.
3rd round prospect that really proved to be a plug and play OG. He constantly won his match-ups and blasted holes open. Good footwork and balance and finished blocks off.

DE- Za'Darius Smith, Kentucky.
I thought Smith was the best player of the game. He won most of his match-ups against the LT's constantly putting pressure on the QB. He played well enough to get in the Senior Bowl to showcase his talents there.

DE- Anthony Chickillo, Miami.
At the beginning of the game I wasn't sold on Chickillo because of all the destruction Smith was causing but he soon changed my tune and made many plays during the game. Chickillo really helped his draft stock and was the 2nd best DE in the game and it seemed really unfair to have Chickillo and Smith on the same side.

CB- Josh Shaw, USC.
Had an Int. and had a really solid game and stood out a lot.

WR- Andre Davis, USF.
Made some nice catches and took some hits.

WR- Tre McBride, WM.
Runs good routes but should of come down with some catches.

S- Detrick Bonner, Virginia Tech.
Had a solid game and was only thrown at once where he defected the ball. A good late round talent with ST value.]]>
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Subject: Senior Bowl Game Day - by: VAIDER5120

Funny little Senior Bowl story on Philbin.]]>
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Subject: patroits punishment. - by: phinfanfrom70s then we'll see them play by the rules.
just a thought.]]>
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Subject: Keeping Moreno? - by: Southbeach
Moreno is my first choice, followed closely by Gore.]]>
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Subject: Good news on Albert, Jordan, and Moreno - by: cuchulainn

The Dolphins and their doctors are beyond encouraged, and pleasantly surprised, by how quickly left tackle Branden Albert has progressed from reconstructive knee surgery, a source has told the Miami Herald.

Albert is one of several Dolphins players whose seasons were cut short by major injury; Knowshon Moreno, Dannell Ellerbe and Will Davis are among the others.

“The rehabs have gone well,” Dolphins general manager Dennis Hickey said. “All of those guys are on schedule and doing really well. They’re in almost every day, so it’s good to see him. They have a great attitude. They’re attacking their rehab. Every one of those guys are on schedule.”

Read more here:

Also read that Cam Wake and Vernon are spending the offseason working out with Jordan. That's great, but I'm wondering why this didn't happen last year instead of Jordan being left to his own devices...]]>
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Subject: 2015 Mock Draft - (February) - by: DolphinsFreak

Round One - Dante Fowler Jr. OLB - Florida - 6'2" tall - Weight 261 - (I would move him inside to middle linebacker) He can play DE and DT too so this kid is versatile!!

Shaq Thompson to play safety??

Round Two - A.J. Cann - OG - South Carolina - 6'3" - 311 Pounds

Round Three - Kevin Johnson - CB - Wake Forest - 6'0" - 175 Pounds

Round Four - Vince Mayle - WR - Washington State - 6'2" tall - 219 Pounds

Round Five - Marcus Hardison - DT - Arizona State - 6'3" - 311 Pounds

Round Six - Damarious Randall - FS - Arizona State - 5'11" - 194 Pounds

Round Seven - Malcolm Brown - RB - Texas - 6'0" - 223 Pounds]]>
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Subject: Dolphins Youth's Effect on the Off Season? - by: Southbeach
On O, D Williams played well in limited play and secured a 3rd RB position. The team expects Turner to be a starter, and no idea of what they think of Dallas. Landry, James and Sims are secure based on production.

The only question would seem to be what coaches think at RB and OG.

On D, we have AJ as well as Anthony and Kamil Johnson at DT. I expect one to be the #4 option in the rotation. I also expect Fede to be in the DE rotation, replacing Jordan.

LB is more difficult past Jenkins. We can hope that Jordan can fill the need at OLB but, far from proven. Tripp and McCain are long shots.

DB's are a tougher challenge. Do coaches believe that Taylor will live up to his potential? Will Davis mature and develop? Is Aikens a viable option at safety?

Many questions for the team to answer, and this off season will give us the answers.]]>
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Subject: Sports Buzz: Kiper, Hickey, other Notes - by: cuchulainn Among UM's top draft prospects, Kiper said Ereck Flowers “has versatility [to play] left tackle or right tackle. I have him going in the first round. Maybe 19 to Cleveland… Duke Johnson is a heck of a player. He’s a second round talent who you may be able to get in the fourth round.”…. Kiper said Denzel Perryman is a second-round pick and Phillip Dorsett a second or third-rounder….

Kiper said he ranks Clive Walford "as the fourth tight end. Can stretch the middle of the field. Will play faster than he tests. Early to mid day three [pick]. He’ll make someone look good. He’ll make your team, be a No. 2 tight end, will contribute"…. He said Shane McDermott and Jon Feliciano will be late-rounders or priority free agents.

### For the third time in two weeks, the Dolphins declined to say if they want Mike Wallace back, and this marriage seems headed to divorce unless someone can knock some sense into Joe Philbin and Dennis Hickey and convince them that subtracting one of their top players isn't going to help.

The Dolphins are closely studying receivers at the Senior Bowl this week; they met with UM’s Dorsett, among others.

There are three receivers projected to go in the 7 to 17 range. The one who will be most often linked to Miami as a possibility at No. 14 is West Virginia’s 6-3 Kevin White.

“He’s got the size,” Kiper said. “He’s going to high point the ball and go get it. He had a few drops. He had a great year. A little more consistency is needed. He’s the third best receiver in this draft, behind Alabama’s Amari Cooper and Louisville’s Devante Parker. I have him going 15th to San Francisco. Receiver is a very strong, very deep position.”

Arizona State’s Jaelen Strong could be the fourth-best receiver in this draft “depending on how he runs,” Kiper said. But No. 14 might be too high for him.

Among receivers in the next two tiers: Auburn’s Sammy Coates, Oklahoma’s Dorial Green-Beckham and Dorsett, among others.

### It wouldn’t have been possible for Hickey to be any more evasive when asked about Wallace today. Here were the four questions asked about Wallace and his answers. It’s almost painful to read Hickey’s non-answers and we apologize in advance because you will never get back the next 40 seconds of your life:

Dennis, will what happened with Wallace at the end of the season play a factor in whether he returns? “We’re looking at all things with our players and evaluating, that’s part of our process. ...”

Does Wallace fit the team’s culture? “We look at all those things with our players and again it was a disappointing finish. There’s no sugar coating that, but you have to look at the season in totality, players in totality. We see, we evaluate players on a daily basis, every practice, every meeting, all those things. We are constantly looking at players and that’s what goes into looking at players in totality as we make decisions.”

When will there be a resolution with Wallace? “With all players that we’re working through, whether it be upcoming free agents, guys on the roster, those are the decisions that we’re making as we go through the process right now, both as a coaching staff and it’s something we do collaboratively. Personnel staff, we’ve been looking at it. Coaching staff’s been looking at it. We’re going together and that will guide our decisions upcoming.”

Yikes! Like banging your head against the wall trying to get answers.

Bottom line: Philbin likes conformists and has never shown any inclination to keep players he doesn’t know how to handle or control.

Does Wallace deserve blame for his behavior? Absolutely. But throwing him overboard, and creating yet another need on a team with at least a half-dozen of them, solves nothing. It means the Dolphins will again need to address receiver this offseason when they need to be concentrating on defensive tackle, cornerback, guard, linebacker and safety.

### We mentioned in this space on Sunday that the Dolphins conveyed to Billy Turner that they see him as a 2015 starter if he can seize the job. Today, Turner was one of a couple young players that Hickey brought up without prompting.

“We feel like Billy Turner really made a lot of strides at the end of the year,” Hickey said. “He had a setback with an injury late in training camp, late in preseason, that kind of set him back. But all of the things we liked about him, he’s definitely shown and you really saw a progression every day in practice. Just bringing a physical mentality, a toughness, punch, athleticism and we’re excited about what he’s going to bring to the table in 2015. We’re really pleased with his development and what it’s going to bring to the table.”

### Hickey, asked if he can understand how some people may perceive Mike Tannenbaum’s hiring as a demotion for Hickey: “My role hasn’t changed. I’m still evaluating, I’m still putting together a 53-man roster and I am just excited about adding Mike to our team and working together with him because there is so much that he brings to the table. This is what I like to do. This is what I have grown up doing, the evaluating aspect and putting together a draft board and working on the problem solving of roster building and all those things. Mike brings a lot of experience with that, but he also brings a lot of experience to a lot of different aspects in an organization.”

Read more here:]]>
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Subject: Note to Ryan Tannehill. - by: kelbail21 1. Laser focus downfield. Noone will accuse him of fearing the rush. In fact, he's too oblivious to it. You have to love his willingness to stand tall and throw with big bodies swarming all around him. What he needs to do is guage that rush as he drops back. Use his peripheral vision to feel where the pressure is coming from and bounce to the soft spots and find open throwing lanes. I cringe when he sets up at five yards before any of his receivers have made breaks into their patterns and the blindside defensive end has jumped into his blind spot almost immediately. If he doesn't unload the ball right away he is vulnerable to the inside spin move or the DE coming around for the strip sack. He makes his offensive line have to be too perfect. I'm not sure a five step drop is safe with our OLine. He also has a tendency to throw the ball pressed up against offensive linemen who have been pushed back into him or with defenders directly in the path of his ball release. He must expand his awareness of the rush and his space bubble. Heck, that is what his mobility is for. And to take off and gash blitzing defenses for big gains. His pocket presence is as bad as any starting Quarterback in the league. I think this causes him to become overly aware of the rush when teams do pressure him and then he tends to lock onto receivers and force the ball out too quickly. If it's a five step drop and the D line is getting a good push you might have to hop back four extra steps in order to create throwing room or find a hole to step right up past the pressure and then have the run/pass option. You know where your receivers are going to be. Your job is to help your lineman create space to throw, make your receivers more open by moving defenders with your eyes or pump fakes and when unfair numbers are thrown at your blockers, torching the defense with your brains and your legs. If his pocket awareness doesn't improve significantly, he will not get any better than he is right now. Right now, he's only getting from the offense what the defense gives him. Oh and with his talent, there's so much more.
2. Sticking to the script and getting the ball into the hands of his playmakers. What more can you ask from your Quarterback? A lot. It's how you get it into their hands that counts. Once they get the ball in their hands it's their job to make every touch count. It's your job to understand down and distance, where defenders are on the field and tendencies of defenses. Throwing a -1 yard pass on 4th and 5 with a defender all over your receiver is completely moronic and less football savvy than any Quarterback on a 12 year old Pop Warner team. I've said this before. What Ryan Tannehill must get through his thick skull is that HE IS the #1 playmaker on that football team and it is his RESPONSIBILITY to make something good happen with the ball on every play until he finds someone he is certain can do something better with it. Right now he is not making any of the players around him better.
3. Fitting the ball into tight windows. I'd be willing to bet RT could be a top ten dart thrower in the world if he took up the game. Unfortunately, football isn't darts. Hey, I'm as impressed as anyone with the velocity he puts on a ten yard out pattern and the tiny spaces he fits balls into on short crosses . I'm sure it's frustrating to DBs that can't believe he just beat their blanket coverage. It's great that our QB has a rifle. Critics and pundits love to talk about a guy's cannon. But what good is it if they don't understand how to use it? Jeff George and Jay Cutler come to mind. Throwing the ball in a game is as much about touch as it is about velocity. The value of a great arm is it allows you to throw further down the field, with touch, not to pound your receivers with passes all day. If I throw a forty yard pass down the sideline I have to put the ball on a lower trajectory angle with maximum ball speed and max spin rotation to cut the air. This pass has a very small catch window above or beyond the receiver and can be easily defended by even the shortest of DBs trailing the play. A higher arching pass with less ball speed and rotation beyond the receiver makes it nearly impossible to be defensed by a trailing DB and gives the receiver a much, much greater opportunity for the receiver to shield the DB, adjust to the ball and run under it. Marino's rotation control on deep passes made the ball virtually change its trajectory halfway upon its descent and fall almost straight down out of the sky like a feather. Not understanding this concept is killing Tannehill. In the short game, Tannehill's lack of touch is hurting us in three different ways. One, too many balls are getting batted down at the line. Part of that is his lack of pocket awareness and his staring down receivers but part of it is just stupidity, really. I can't begin to count how many times we missed out on big plays because he simply didn't put enough touch on a pass to get it over the line of scrimmage. I mean, he had guys wide open with nothing but green grass in front of them. He actually bounced a couple passes off of the heads of DL when throwing to guys 15 yards away. It's puzzling? Two, he kills yards after catch when he guns balls into the back hip of receivers running free from their defenders. Too many times they have to stop their momentum to adjust to the ball or gather the deflection. There is a big catch and run window out in front of receivers if he'd just lob it out to a comfortable spot. His penchant for the fastball might also be a reason why he has a tendency to throw so late and nearly get his receivers killed on a regular basis, not to mention short passes late in games that bounce off of receivers and end up getting intercepted. Once he learns to create space back in the pocket, make quicker reads and throw softer passes earlier, into bigger windows, the playmakers will stop making it look like such a grind and start making it look exciting. You're not afraid of these guys, man. You're up to NFL game speed. Now it's time to just remember the words of Crash Davis, "This game is fun, God damn it!"(Bull Durham, 1988). Make it fun for everyone out there. C'mon kid. We're all. Counting on ya. You're so GD close I can almost taste it. Belichik, Brady, Rex Ryan and all the Jets think you're a pu$$y.]]>
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Subject: Dallas Thomas- A Closer Look - by: Southbeach
He played 3 games at RG, 3 at LG and 5 at RT. He was not, is not, and never will be an OT. He was horrible, and then some. However, he was no where near as bad as some think at OG. In pass protect those 6 games, he gave up 0 sacks, 2 hits, and 12 hurries, and played vs some pretty good DL's in Buff, KC, and Detroit. At OG he graded out better than Pouncey and Colledge overall, pass, and run. So really, how bad was he in his second year?

NOT saying he played well at OG but, well worth a further look this year. JMO]]>
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