Phinatics - Forum Kunena Site Syndication Fri, 19 Dec 2014 15:09:09 +0000 Kunena 1.6 Phinatics - Forum en-gb Subject: What About Dawn Aponte? - by: Tarpon Phinatics Talk Fri, 19 Dec 2014 11:35:11 +0000 Subject: My choice for next HC - by: ONole1 IF, and I do mean IF Philbin is fired. First, I wouldn’t be shocked if Miami wins the remaining two games Philbin stays, so I am definitely torn here.

Shanahan will run a power running WCO using a ZBS. He loves an athletic QB that can throw on the run. I know my big issue is that he is 62, but if he still has the desire (which I think he does) and also has a chip on his shoulder from the Washington ordeal then bring him in. I would love to see Kubiak as his OC, but more than likely his son would come in, which wouldn’t be horrible.

I have been tough on Tannehill, but I still think he is Miami’s best option now and in the near future, so bring in a coach that can get the most out of him. I am not sure Lazor’s offense is a great fit for Tannehill’s skill set. I think a power running game, with play action passing with bootlegs and throwing the ball in misdirection could take him to the next level.

I am all in for Shanahan at this point.]]>
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Subject: Hurry Up No Huddle – An Offensive Philosophy - by: Bahamas
its pretty awesome (if you understand the x's and o') It is not for beginners and i read it a while back. Being an SEC alumni i started watching how this methodology was being implemented. I know its College ball, but many NFL teams have adapted as well which is evident on Sunday afternoon.

Who wrote this book - Gus Malzahn - who I want as our next HC

Malzahn's offense is known as the hurry-up, no-huddle and he is known for that philosophy. In January 2003, he published a book and instructional video titled Hurry Up No Huddle – An Offensive Philosophy (ISBN 9781585186549), that became the blueprint for the offensive wave engulfing the state of Arkansas.[35] Several National Football League teams adopted some of Malzahn's offensive strategies.[36] One of the key aspects of Malzahn's offense is the balance that he has between passing and running the ball.]]>
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Subject: Free Agents I would target - by: virginiadolfan
DT Nick Fairley He is the same age as Odrick 26. He is better than Odrick. The Lions will want to keep Suh so they won't be able to afford both.

DB Kareem Jackson He is only 26 and is one of the better free agent DB's. We can cut Finnegan and save about $5 million. I don't know that I trust Taylor yet.

S Devin McCourty Why not poach someone from the Patriots? Delmas is a free agent so we can upgrade the position with someone else.

QB Christian Ponder He has played one full season which was in 2012 and his stats were not that bad with a 62% completion percentage with 18 TD's and 12 Int's and an 81.2 QBR. Thats not bad for a backup which is what he would be. He probably won't cost that much. I like him over Matt Moore because he still has some upside.

Then in the draft we can focus on WR RB LB]]>
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Subject: I like it. - by: hndrkyabong34]]>
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Subject: Harbaugh & Gamble? - by: Southbeach
The prime issue beyond convincing Harbaugh could be convincing Harbaugh's expected choice of a personnel man, Tom Gamble, who is currently the vice president of personnel for Philadelphia. Harbaugh and Gamble worked together in San Francisco and have good respect for each other.

As with Harbaugh, Ross already has made a strong overture to hire Gamble. Last winter, Ross received permission from Philadelphia to interview Gamble for the vacant general manager's job and, "he was going to be a top, top choice,'' a source said.

Gamble initially agreed to the interview, but then pulled out with the thought being family concerns. His father, Harry Gamble, a former Eagles president, was in the final stage of health problems that led to his death last January 28th. Several other candidates had issues with the structure of the job alongside Joe Philbin, thought it's not clear if Gamble's candidacy developed enough that this always was an issue.

Ross certainly knows Gamble would be a preferred choice of Harbaugh. Maybe that played into his thought of interviewing Gamble a year ago. Be clear on this: Gamble is a top talent himself. He helped build San Francisco and Philadelphia's rosters. He also has extensive work in contracts and the salary cap. He even was a coach for two years with the New York Jets in 1995-96 (Just to cover this: Former Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum, who now does work with the Dolphins, didn't join the Jets until 1997.)

Harbaugh and Gamble would answer all the Dolphins problems. Coaching? Personnel? Sizzle to sell tickets? Check. Check. Check.

The question is if Ross can close this deal.

From Hyde at the Sun]]>
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Subject: Dolphins Player Rankings - by: Southbeach
Tannehill- #8

Miller- #8 (run only)

Clay- #15 (pass only)

Landry- #22. Wallace- 30 (pass only)

Satele- #19.

Albert- #5. James- #52. Dallas did not play 50% but was #64 combined at OG and OT.

Colledge- #54. Pouncey- #57. Shelly was #58 but did not play 50% of snaps.]]>
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