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According to Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, the left tackle is going to open training camp on the active roster, 10 months after he tore his ACL and MCL.

While they could have easily placed him on the active/physically unable to perform list (and activated him from it at any time), the fact they don’t feel the need to is a good sign in his recovery.

While he might not be ready to for full participation from day one, it’s still good news for a player at a key position, who was playing well at the time of his injury.]]>
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Subject: Stephen Ross and Brian Miller share same trait - by: Finsfan In CT Phinatics Talk Tue, 28 Jul 2015 22:56:34 +0000 Subject: Brady's Suspension Upheld By Goodall - by: Tarpon]]> Phinatics Talk Tue, 28 Jul 2015 20:21:10 +0000 Subject: OT-Rex Ryan is a fat A-hole. - by: kelbail21 Phinatics Talk Tue, 28 Jul 2015 19:41:24 +0000 Subject: The 2nd Round Curse- JPhillips - by: kelbail21 Let's hope it was the former, especially since the very next pick was a trade up to select U of M smash-mouth, MLB Denzel Perryman, a guy born in Miami, raised in Miami and football bred in Miami. If Phillips continues his trend of playing paddy-cake at the line of scrimmage and Koa Misi peters out as usual, bypassing what could have been Miami royalty and the lynch pin to a terrorizing defense may be looked back upon with much regret and disdain.
The pressure is on, big boy. Show all of us what you got. Taking up space is not worthy of a 2nd round pick. Eating up RBs and QBs is.]]>
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Subject: BRADY SUSPENSION - STILL 4 GAMES - by: DolphinsFreak “On or shortly before March 6, the day that Tom Brady met with independent investigator Ted Wells and his colleagues, Brady directed that the cell phone he had used for the prior four months be destroyed,” the league statement read. “He did so even though he was aware that the investigators had requested access to text messages and other electronic information that had been stored on that phone. ‎During the four months that the cell phone was in use, Brady had exchanged nearly 10,000 text messages, none of which can now be retrieved from that device. The destruction of the cell phone was not disclosed until June 18, almost four months after the investigators had first sought electronic information from Brady.”

As a result, Goodell did not shorten his initial punishment, which will now certainly be headed to court.

“The commissioner found that Brady’s deliberate destruction of potentially relevant evidence went beyond a mere failure to cooperate in the investigation and supported a finding that he had sought to hide evidence of his own participation in the underlying scheme to alter the footballs.”

Let the games begin.]]>
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Subject: Do Not Disturb- Dolphins Drafts At Work on O - by: Southbeach
QB- Tannehill- Phins pick

RB- Miller- Pick

C- Pouncey- Pick

OG- Thomas/Douglas- Picks

OG- Turner- Pick

RT- James- Pick

WR- Landry- Pick

WR- Parker-Pick

LT- Albert- High priced FA

TE- Cameron- High priced FA for maybe 1 year

WR- Stills- Cheap, talented trade pick up

WR- Jennings- One year insurance

Damn, that's 8 starters from our drafts, and it easily could have been 9 if we increased our offer to Clay when we had the chance. I really wanted to keep him. We are at risk on Miller FA but, everyone else of our picks will be back next year as well as Stills. Jennings will be gone, Cameron might be, and we could be left with Albert who could be replaced in 2 years.

Add in our two kickers if ya like.

For me, this is almost the perfect blueprint on building a team with the mix of cap costs and FA used for a few missing pieces. This group still has to prove how good they are but, I'm more excited about our O than I have been in many a year.

The draft is working.

I'll do the D later.]]>
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Subject: Your 2015 NFL Top 15 QB Rankings - by: DolphinsFreak
After the smoke clears for the 2015 season who do you think will be the best QB in the NFL? I would like you to rank the top 15 quarterbacks in order of who will put up the best numbers in TD's, Yardage, TD's vs INT ratio, etc.........

Here is my list.......

1. Andrew Luck
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Russell Wilson
4. Peyton Manning
5. Tom Brady
6. Ben Bothlisberger
7. Drew Brees
8. Cam Newton
9. Matt Ryan
10. Teddy Bridgewater
11. Tony Romo
12. Eli Manning
13. Derek Carr
14. Philip Rivers
15. Ryan Tannehill

Who are the top 15 Quarterbacks on your list ?]]>
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Subject: Kenny Stills. Hands up or head down? - by: kelbail21 Phinatics Talk Sat, 25 Jul 2015 15:54:41 +0000 Subject: Stadium progress - by: virginiadolfan]]> Phinatics Talk Fri, 24 Jul 2015 02:31:22 +0000 Subject: DE-FENCE! - by: Wulf As excited as I am that we signed Suh to fill the space between Vernon and Wake, I'm also eager to see what young guys like Jeff Luc can do for our troubled LB corps...

I have to wonder how a successful 2015 campaign for our Defense will affect Dion Jordan's relationship to the team though...
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Subject: Harvard Study: Dolphins will win AFC in 2015 - by: ONole1
The Cambridge, Massachusetts school is known for a lot of things, like producing Nobel winners, presidents and Supreme Court Justices.

One thing the school's not known for though is its NFL picks. However, that could change if the Dolphins somehow manage to win the AFC this year, which Kurt Bullard is predicting will happen.

Bullard designed a prediction model for the 2015 NFL season that was published on the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective (HSAC) webpage Wednesday and that model is predicting that the Dolphins will be the best team in the AFC, followed by the Chiefs and Patriots.

So how exactly does Bullard's prediction model work?

I'll let him explain.

From the HSAC page.

The method that I came up with uses Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value statistic, the site's best measure of trying to tease out individual talent. Then, using ESPN's NFL depth charts, I aggregated each team's per game approximate value of what I considered to be the 'core' makeup of an NFL team: QB, RB, 2 WR, TE, Top 2 OL, the Top-4 'Front Seven' defensive players, and the Top-2 players from the secondary.
Basically, on offense, it comes down to a team's top seven players vs. another team's top seven players. On defense, it comes down to one team's top-9 vs. another team's top-9.

Bullard's model doesn't take the schedule into account, which I think is going to kill the Chiefs. Kansas City opens up at Houston, before hosting Denver on Thursday night. After that, the Chiefs will spend their next two weeks on the road against the Packers and Bengals.

That could be 0-4 for Kansas City and 0-4 teams don't make the playoffs. Actually, one 0-4 team did, the 1992 Chargers.

UPDATE (July 23, 11 a.m.): Bullard has clarified that his model does take the schedule into account. That being said, I still think the Chiefs are going to fall flat on their face during the season's first four weeks.

As for other weird nuances in Bullard's model: The Ravens are ranked 28th, the Vikings are ranked 25th, and the highest ranked NFC South team (Atlanta) is 18th overall.

It's probably also worth noting that the Giants, at No. 13, are the highest ranked team in the NFC East. Sorry Cowboys and Eagles fans.

You can see each team's ranking below, along with the team's percentage chance of making the playoffs.

In some cases, a team with a higher ranking has a lower playoff percentage than a team below it because of how the postseason is set up.

For instance, although the Falcons are ranked 18th, they have the 12th highest playoff percentage because a team from the NFC South -- no matter how bad it is -- has to make the playoffs.

2015 NFL prediction from the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective

(Overall ranking, team, percentage chance of making playoffs)

1. Seattle Seahawks: 95 percent chance of making the playoffs (Highest chance)

2. Green Bay Packers 93 percent

3. Miami Dolphins 77 percent

4. Kansas City Chiefs: 66 percent

5. New England Patriots: 62 percent

6. Denver Broncos: 62 percent

7. Detroit Lions: 53 percent

8. New York Jets: 56 percent

9. Indianapolis Colts: 62 percent

10. Buffalo Bills: 43 percent

11. Pittsburgh Steelers: 51 percent

12. Houston Texans: 54 percent

13. NY Giants: 42 percent

14. Cincinnati Bengals: 39 percent

15. Philadelphia Eagles: 35 percent

16. Dallas Cowboys: 23 percent

17. San Diego Chargers: 33 percent

18. Atlanta Falcons: 51 percent

19. New Orleans Saints: 42 percent

20. Arizona Cardinals: 29 percent

21. Chicago Bears: 25 percent

22. Washington Redskins: 18 percent

23. Carolina Panthers: 19 percent

24. Cleveland Browns: 20 percent

25. Minnesota Vikings: 12 percent

26. San Francisco 49ers: 12 percent

27. St. Louis Rams: 10 percent

28. Baltimore Ravens: 9 percent

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: 3 percent

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3 percent

31. Tennessee Titans: 2 percent

32. Oakland Raiders: 1 percent

Just in case you're wondering what the Harvard College Sports Analysis Collective (HSAC) is, it's "a student-run organization at Harvard College dedicated to the quantitative analysis of sports strategy and management. Founded in 2006, the club meets weekly and is for students interested in sports statistics, sports business, and problem solving. HSAC has become an analysis partner for several sports related publications and companies and we are available to engage in additional projects."]]>
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