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... can the NFL’s best defensive tackle raise the performance of his defensive teammates?

Dolphins players believe Ndamukong Suh will do just that.

“Just his presence alone, the fact the offense has to focus on him is going to free everybody else up and make everybody else better around him,” Dolphins linebacker Jelani Jenkins said last week.

As safety Reshad Jones put it: “Hopefully it will make everybody's job a lot easier when you have a dominant force like that in the middle. It makes the linebackers able to flow and run and make plays. It should be a lot easier for guys.”

So how realistic is it to expect Suh to actually boost the performance of teammates? A few points to consider:

### Detroit finished second in total defense last season, but in Suh’s first four seasons, the Lions’ defense ranked 21st (2010), 23rd, 13th and 16th. That means Detroit's defense was average to below average in three of his five seasons --- certainly not a reflection on Suh but an indication that Suh cannot mask a team's glaring defensive weaknesses.

### As far as run defense, Detroit was first last season and sixth in 2013. But in Suh’s first three seasons, the Lions were 24th, 23rd and 16th against the run.

So is Suh’s presence enough to raise Miami from 24th against the run in 2014 to top five in 2015?

“I don’t know if a top five run defense is within their grasp,” analyst and former Browns scout Matt Williamson said. “He will vastly improve it, so top 10 is realistic. He’s not an A plus run defender and he’s a better pass rusher than run defender, though he’s capable of being very good against the run. Last year, Detroit changed their scheme and he was better against the run. His presence will demand double teams and free up linebackers.”

### It’s notable that three current or former Lions front-seven players (George Johnson, Jason Jones, Justin Durant) were more productive playing with Suh than they were playing elsewhere, which is an encouraging sign for Miami.

Johnson, who didn’t have a sack in 11 previous career games for Minnesota and Tampa, had six for Detroit in 2014 without starting a game. The attention Suh commands was obviously a factor in that. Stephen Tulloch, a very good inside linebacker, was similarly productive with Tennessee and Detroit.

Three productive front seven defenders --- DeAndre Levy, Ezekiel Ansah and Nick Fairley --- have played only with Detroit (Fairley recently joined the Rams) --- so it’s difficult to assess whether Suh helped make them substantially better than they would have been elsewhere.

Suh can't do it all by himself, but playing with Phillips, Mitchell, Wake, OV, Shelby, etc... the entire defense and especially the rush D should be very much improved.]]>
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Subject: NFL's Best QB Situations - by: virginiadolfan
Yahoo ranked the Dolphins and Ryan Tannehill as the 10th best NFL QB situation in the NFL.

They ranked the Patriots and Tom Brady #9, the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick #28 and the Bills and Matt Cassel #32.

I think the Dolphins are a more talented overall team than the Patriots except for the QB position. The Jets and Bills might have better defenses than us but having Suh mitigates that advantage somewhat and we have a much better QB than those teams.]]>
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Subject: Looking Ahead- 10-11 Guys To Pay? - by: Southbeach

With Tannehill's deal coming into play in 2017, we can afford to really pay 10-11 players. For those concerned about the cap, who will they be?

Next year, which concerns many, has Suh, RT, Albert, Pouncey, Wake, Grimes, Cameron, Jones, Jordan, and Jennings. Anyone believe they will all be on this team next year?

Jordan and Jennings will be gone, and Cameron will not be paid $9.5M. Wake and Grimes are up in the air, as is Jones, depending on this year.

We can easily afford to keep this team together or, replace players being well within the cap.

In 2017, our top 10 will be RT, Suh, Albert, Pouncey, Grimes, Jones, Misi, Mitchell, Parker, and James.

In both years, there is plenty of room for player movement to add high priced FA or not.

Who would you pay for next year or, in 2017? I do not see 10.]]>
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Subject: No more excuses - by: virginiadolfan
Tannehill has improved from year 1 to year 2 and from year 2 to year 3 and we have reason to believe that he will continue to improve. We have improved the weapons he has to throw to by replacing Wallace Hartline Gibson and Clay with Parker Stills Jennings and Cameron. Its his second year in Bill Lazor's system. We have 3 former first round picks starting on our o-line. Believe it or not we had the 2nd highest rushing yards per carry in the NFL last year and we added one of the best RB's in the draft. If we don't have a top 10 offense then something is wrong.

We added the best free agent on the market who in fact addresses what was our biggest weakness last year. We couldn't stop the run or generate any interior pass rush. Suh has solved those issues. We added another big bodied athletic DT in the draft. Our LB's are mediocre but with such dominance up front they should be freed up to make plays. Taylor will essentially replace Finnegan as our starting corner opposite Grimes and I think he will be an upgrade over the Finnegan we got from last year. Delmas is way ahead of his rehab schedule and he looks like he will be ready to start the season. After 10 games last year we had a top 5 defense then for whatever reason they fell apart in the final 6 games. The defensive line for whatever reason simply stopped playing to the level they were playing in the first 10 games and we were besieged by injuries in the secondary. Suh solves the first issue and hopefully we will stay healthy which would solve the other issue.

Also the Patriots are not going to be the same team as they lost half their starting secondary and the rock in the middle of their defense. Brady is going to miss the start of the season and they could easily get off to a 2-3 or 1-4 start. A lot of media people are going to be picking the Dolphins to make the playoffs and possibly unseat the Patriots this year and we all know the media does not like the Dolphins. Even they can see the talent we have so if we don't make the playoffs this year then Philbin needs to be fired.]]>
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Subject: OT: Happy Memorial Day Weekend! - by: Finsfan In CT
We appreciate your sacrifice and remember you during this holiday weekend!]]>
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Subject: Philbin "excited" about upcoming OTAs - by: cuchulainn

After being off Monday for Memorial Day, the Dolphins will be back on the practice field Tuesday for the start of Offseason Training Activities, otherwise known as OTAs.

The Dolphins will hold 10 OTA sessions — the maximum allowed per league rules — over the next three weeks: May 26-27, May 29, June 1-2, June 4, June 8-11.

The offseason program will conclude with the veteran minicamp from June 16-18.

One big difference between OTAs and Phase 2 of the offseason program is that team drills are allowed for the first time in the spring.

That has Head Coach Joe Philbin excited about the upcoming four weeks.

“Next week is big because it starts the OTAs,” Philbin told The Finsiders this week. “The work we’ve had the first five weeks of the offseason program is extremely valuable. We’ve had a lot of strength and conditioning, a lot of classroom work, we’ve had some field work as well, but now we’re going to be able to go out there in some 11-on-11, competitive situations — not live certainly, but competitive situations — where we’ll have an opportunity to learn a lot more about some of these new guys.

“We love what we saw of them on tape before we signed them, but it’ll be fun to see them, how they respond in a blitz drill, how they respond in the red zone, how we’re going to be on third down. Even though it’s just against ourselves at this stage of the game, I think we’ll be able to learn a lot more and have a better handle on things in the middle of June.”
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Subject: Jets name Geno starter for 2015 - by: cuchulainn

New offensive coordinator Chan Gailey made that stunning announcement Wednesday, saying there will be no competition this summer between Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick, as had been expected. Instead, Smith will be handed the job again entering his third season.

“Right now, Geno’s the starter,” Gailey said. “That’s the way it sits and that’s the way we expect it to be unless something happens where you get an injury or something like that that you don’t foresee.”

The statement by Gailey was surprising because head coach Todd Bowles had said all along there would be a competition in training camp. Bowles said Smith would be given more reps with the first team, but indicated the job would not be handed to the third-year signal-caller who has been maddeningly inconsistent in his first two seasons.
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According to Gailey, a quarterback competition “wasn’t a thought.” Gailey said they told Fitzpatrick he would not have a chance to start when the team traded for him in March, meaning Smith was anointed the starter before the coaches could even watch him practice.

I'm still pissed off about how our Defense fell apart at the end of the season and handed Geno the best game of his shatty career... and it wasn't all injuries. The entire defense was a bunch of clueless ass clowns in that game.

Expecting us to get some payback this season.]]>
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Subject: Bills OL changing to ZBS - by: cuchulainn

When the Bills determine their five starting offensive linemen, Kromer says they won’t necessarily assemble the “five most talented” players they have at the position.

They will focus on those who show the best understanding of what they are supposed to do and when they are supposed to do it.
That’s because the Bills intend to build what Kromer describes as a “technically physical offense,” which requires linemen to be particularly sharp with technique and fundamentals, while also possessing a high level of physicality.

“It’s aggression within technique,” he said. “Because with just aggression, you’re not going to have success and with just technique and not that mentality, you won’t have as much success as you like.”

That won’t be easy to teach, especially with a group that has mostly been instructed to do zone-blocking – in which there is less emphasis on aggressiveness and more on finesse and movement – from the Bills’ previous coaching staff.
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Subject: Dareus suspended 1 game for drugs - by: cuchulainn

The NFL announced Thursday afternoon that Dareus has received a one-game suspension without pay for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy. He will be eligible to practice at training camp and participate in preseason games.

Dareus released the following statement through the Bills on Tuesday:

“Last year, I made a mistake involving possession of a banned substance. The NFL’s discipline for this conduct is part of the drug policy, and I apologize to my family, my teammates, the entire Bills organization and Bills fans that I will miss one game as a result of my mistake. I will work intensely that week and will be extremely happy to contribute to a win in week two for the Bills.”

Dareus was arrested last May in his native Alabama after being pulled over for speeding. He was found to be in possession of synthetic marijuana and drug paraphernalia, both felonies in Alabama.

Less than a month after that arrest, Dareus crashed his car into a tree outside the Mongolian Buffet while allegedly drag racing teammate Jerry Hughes on Route 179 near McKinley Parkway. That led to misdemeanor counts of reckless driving, reckless endangerment and participating in an illegal speed contest in addition to traffic violations.

Dareus pleaded guilty in April in Hamburg Town Court to non-criminal charges of imprudent speed and a failure to keep right, paying a $300 fine and agreeing to host a free football camp in order to resolve that case.

The case in Alabama was resolved when Dareus entered into the NFL’s substance-abuse program, an agreement that expunged those charges upon successful completion.

Boys will be boys, eh?

So far it's only rumors he was heading to Dion Jordan's house. ]]>
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