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Jets beat Bills
Colts beat Steelers
Ravens beat Bengals
Rams beat Chiefs
Bears beat Pats

If we beat the Jags this weekend and get to 4-3 then we will have a huge game against the Chargers the following week. I believe that winning that game will be very important. If we beat both the Jags and Chargers then we would vault a half game ahead of the Chargers and own the tiebreaker which would be huge. Its vital that we win the next couple of games and get to 5-3 at the midway point of the season if we want to have a realistic chance of making the playoffs.]]>
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Subject: Has This Forum Died? Revisited - by: Southbeach
Readers will read, and posters will post IF there is something to read and post about.

The reasons/excuses for not posting are easily understandable. However, C'MON MAN, it takes about 5 minutes to read and post something. That's not a lot IF ya really want to talk about "Our Team."

IF ya have problems with negative posts, try making positive ones instead of playing ostrich.

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Subject: Dolphins Winning Memories? - by: Southbeach
The biggest songs were The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Alone Again, American Pie, Without You, Cady Man, and My Ding A Ling.

In 1984 (last visit to the SB) The movies were Ghostbusters, Beverly Hills Cop, Temple of Doom. Gremlins, The Karate Kid, and Police Academy.

The biggest songs were What's Love Got To Do With It, Say, Say, Say, Footloose, Against All Odds, and Ghostbusters.

It seems longer when you put it perspective to everything else going on.

How many remember both or, at least one? Any other memories to share on either?]]>
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Subject: Patience on defense. - by: kelbail21 Phinatics Talk Wed, 22 Oct 2014 23:06:59 +0000 Subject: Trade Deadline Oct 28 - by: Southbeach
Miami is not out of things, and will likely be 4-3 after this week. Can't imagine any big moves. However, Gibson may be one to watch. He has not been playing, been a healthy inactive last week, and will not be here next year. JMO

He has this and next year left on his contract, and is guaranteed $1M in each year off his signing bonus, which we take a hit for. His salary this year is $2.7M, trade him ad we save over a million of it. Next year, his salary is $3.2M which he is not going to see.

So, I'm thinking a trade has to be at least considered. Many teams are looking for WR's, and we may be able to add a 5th or 6th round pick while saving a Mil in cap space.

Any other trades worth thinking about in adding or subtracting?]]>
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Subject: A Closer Look at the OL So Far - by: Southbeach
Colledge- Average pass, and bad on the run. An OK band aid but, needs to step up.

Satele- Average pass, good on the run but, has had a couple of bad games.

RG- All bad other than Smith on the run but, Pouncey is not in game shape just yet.

James- Bad pass, average on the run. Has gone down after a VG start. Only 1 sack but, 7 hits and 9 hurries is more than double of anyone else on the team.

No question that the OL has improved but, shill has a ways to go.]]>
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Subject: Season predictions? - by: cuchulainn
We still have to face the jets twice and the bills and pats again. Bills have lost both Spiller and Jackson. Pats are beat up on defense. Stej sucks. Chargers, bills, ravens, and pats are the toughest teams remaining.



Right now, I have us at:

@Jags - W
Chargers - L
@Lions - W
Bills - W
@Broncos - L
@Jets - W
Ravens - L
@Pats - L
Vikes - W
Jets - W

9-7... I'm torn on the Chargers game. Beat them and we could end up 10-6.

I have us splitting with the pats and bills and sweeping the stej. Philbin and Tannehill owe some payback for the end of last season.]]>
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