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Offseaon needs
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TOPIC: Offseaon needs

Offseaon needs 2 years, 10 months ago #1

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I have to say IMO this team is really not far off. This offseason is set up to put Miami right in the mix for the AFC next season. Here is my list of needs and how to address. Sorry it’s a bit long…lol


WR – Hartline has done well, and Bess is a good slot guy. Not sure what he have in Matthews yet but I like the guy and think he is going to be a good receiver and he has shown flashes. Miami must get a guy that makes the defense respect them. As good as Hartline has been this season defenses are not scared of him.

TE – Fasano is one of the best blocking TE’s in the NFL and he is serviceable as a receiver but Miami needs and upgrade. It’s starting to look like Clay is catching on so this may turn out that resigning Fasano is the answer, but there are some very athletic TE’s out there and will be available so it might be a position to look at.

OL – I grouped this together as I think Miami needs to move away from Incognito and get a more athletic guard that can get out on screens and pulling plays. Jerry for such a big man can actually move and I think has done well this year. I said earlier I think Long will be back in Miami but nothing near the cost he may have originally wanted. Not sure how I feel about this. I think if Martin plays well the rest of the season at LT I may change my mind here and feel they may just let him walk and draft a RT.

RB – Thomas has started to look like he’s running harder and Miller has looked good when he has gotten a chance. I don’t think Bush will be back next year and while he has done well it’s time to move on and find a better one cut runner. Thomas and Miller will carry the workload but they will need a third back.

DE – The must get a pass rusher opposite of Wake. IMO this is Miami’s #1 need. I would expect one of the three first two round picks to be a pass rusher and possibly a later pick to be one as well. I have always said and will continue to say it, you can never have enough pass rushers.

DT – This all depends on Starks and McDaniels. Starks must be their top priority to resign. I would also resign McDaniels for the right price, but if they bring in more DE’s the Odrick moves inside and McDaniels is expendable.

CB – Miami will need at least one starting caliber CB and depending on Smith could need two.

FS – Clemmons is serviceable but is a free agent and may want more then Ireland will give him. I would like to see the position upgraded but if they can’t this year I am ok with resigning Clemmons cheap and addressing next year.

LB – I think they just need depth as Dansby, Burnett, and Misi may be playing as well as any LB unit in the NFL right now.

How I would address.

WR – I would love to see Greg Jennings in here if he hits the market. I think he is a perfect fit and a good leader for a young WR unit. I would also look at drafting a WR in the first three rounds. I know I have said in the past that I would love to see Keenan Allen and still would, but I think we could get a very good WR in round two or three as well and as I have said I think Matthews is going to be a good WR.

This is going to stir up some discussion but I would either sign Hartline and trade Bess or keep Bess and not resign Hartline. Huh? What…are you nuts? Bess and Hartline are both good receivers but neither are game changers and guys like they are a dime a dozen in the NFL. I want game changers at the WR position and if one of those guys go the other can play that slot position and do well.

TE – I would resign Fasano at a good price and stick with what I have right now. Clay seems to be developing and not sure what we have in Egnew yet. Take a flyer late in the draft on a TE that can spit the seams.

OL – I have said I think he will be back but I would let Long go. Not ripping on him but he is breaking down and he does not fit the zone blocking system anyway. Move Martin to the left and look for a RT that fits the system in free agency. Also look to draft a guy in the mid round that can be groomed for RT.

As far as guard goes I would look to see what is in free agency and still draft a guy that can be groomed. The type of offense Miami wants to run they don’t need a probowl type guard. They need someone that can get out in front of screens and sweeps.

RB – I have said that Thomas is the softest running big back I have seen, but the last couple weeks he has run harder. I would go with Thomas and Miller and look to add a late round or UDFA or here’s a name for you…Ronnie Brown for a third down back. Brown picks up the blitz as good as any back in the NFL and could see him having success later in his career like Kevin Faulk did if used in that kind of way.

DE – As I said I think this I Miami’s biggest need. I know the secondary needs improvement, but improving any secondary starts with improving the pass rush and the ability to get pressure on the opposing QB. Where Miami will be picking in round one I would target Montgomery, Mingo, Okafor, and Jordan for my first round pick.

In the third round I would target Tank Carradine. If he wouldn’t have torn his ACL he may have been a first round pick, but definitely would have been a second round pick. I know Werner gets the press and he will more than likely be a top ten and maybe top five pick, but IMO Carradine will be the better pass rusher. Werner reminds me of Watts, while Carradine reminds me of Justin Tuck.

DT – This one is easy, resign Starks, let McDaniels go if he wants too much and slide Odrick inside. The ONLY way this becomes an issue is if you don’t resign Starks.

CB – I think you need to resign Smith (he’s not going to get the money he wants) and then look a drafting a CB in the first two. The guy I like a lot in round two is Desmond Trufant. I think this guy will be a good if not very good CB in the NFL. He plays physical (just like his brothers) but athletic enough to turn and burn.

I would also look to free agency to help here and Brent Grimes would be a guy I would look at. Atlanta franchised him last year and he tore his Achilles early in the year. I don’t know if Atlanta can afford him and if they can’t I would look his way to see.

FS – As I said I think Clemmons is serviceable. He doesn’t give up too many over the top plays, but he doesn’t do anything special either. It all depends on how it plays out but I would try and resign him at a fair cost and look at upgrading the FS position next year.

LB – Restructure Dansby’s contract and make him more cap friendly. Keep these guys together but start looking for depth and someone that can come in and spell Misi on passing situations. I like Sean Porter out of TX A&M and think he would be a very good pick in round three. He needs to get a little bigger and stronger, but he may be the best cover LB in the draft. He is quick enough that he can cover most slot guys.

Overall I really don’t think Miami is that far off. The biggest thing they need is playmakers. If they did nothing else but upgrade the pass rush and WR’s the team is much better and able to compete with anyone.
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Re: Offseaon needs 2 years, 10 months ago #2

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Onole1 for Dolphins G.M.! Good read, me like it.
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Re: Offseaon needs 2 years, 10 months ago #3

Really a great job Shane. Thanks. It makes a lot of sense.

I notice you did not mention Garner at all. I assume you don't believe he is nothing more than a backup guard. Right?

I could be wrong, but I like McDaniel better than Odrick. I realize Odrick was a 1st round pick, but I don't see him doing anything. Meanwhile, McDaniels seems to be all over the place.

Agree on the DE being a huge need. Wasn't that why Odrick was drafted?

Also agree on #1 priority being re-signing Starks.

Need to re-sign Smith as well. Not crazy about him but they need at least some stability at CB.

Finally, we need a replacement for Carroll.
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