NFL announces eight teams will play in the U.K. in 2019

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The NFL released a statement last week detailing their agenda for the 2019 London experience. Could the Miami Dolphins be heading back to the U.K?

While the NFL has announced that four games will be played in the United Kingdom in 2019 they have not revealed who those teams will be. Last year those teams were not announced until January so it should be expected on a similar timeline for 2019.

Next year the league will send eight teams to London or four games. We know that according to the release, two games will be played at Wembley Stadium and two others will be played at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. We also know that teams wanting to host a Super Bowl are “encouraged” by the league to take on a London game.

The Miami Dolphins will be hosting the Super Bowl in 2020. Miami last played in Europe in 2017 and it was that “encouragement” that led Miami to accept the game against the New Orleans Saints. Miami lost that game 20-0.

Miami has been a big part of the London games over the years. They have played in 2015 against the Jets, a loss and a year earlier they beat the Oakland Raiders 38-14. The Dolphins also appeared in the very first game played in London against the New York Giants in 2007. Overall they are 1-3 in games played in the U.K.

The Dolphins are obviously not strangers to playing in London where there is a large contingent of Dolphins fans. In 2017 fans from Italy, Australia, Japan, and Germany made trips to the game. Fans from South Florida have also made it a point to attend those games.

Of course the question is will the Dolphins give up a home game if they are selected for a game in London. The Jacksonville Jaguars have played one game in London each year since 2013 so it is very likely that will continue with 2019. Could the Dolphins play an in-state rival overseas?

There are a lot questions that will not be answered until January but it is safe to say that any team wanting to host a Super Bowl in the future will be a part of those discussions. The hosting cities for the next six Super Bowls have played games in London.

Only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who host the game in 2021 have not appeared in a game in London since 2011 so there is a good chance that they could be one of the teams that play. Los Angeles and Arizona both in 2017 and both will host Super Bowls in 2022 and 2023. New Orleans has the Super Bowl in 2024. They too played in London in 2017, and were supported and monitored by majority American football betting sites.

When the Super Bowl committees meet later this year to award the next two Super Bowls those teams showing interest will be a good indication of who will play in London come 2019. And maybe the Miami Dolphins will be one of them. The odds of that happening are not entirely out of the realm of possibility. It should make for interesting betting odds should the Dolphins face either the Buccaneers or the Jaguars overseas given the travel time to and from the United Kingdom would be the same.

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