What to expect from Jay Cutler Thursday vs. Ravens

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Jay Cutler will be making his Miami Dolphins debut this Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens.

Training camp got off to a relatively quiet start for the Miami Dolphins in 2017. Aside from running back Jay Ajayi‘s concussion early on everyone was healthy. Players were showing improvement in year two of head coach Adam Gase’s regime. And quarterback Ryan Tannehill looked healthy, poised to start his sixth season in the NFL.

That all changed just under two weeks ago. And it all started with Tannehill’s left knee.

On a non-contact 11v11 drill Tannehill scrambled out of the pocket on his way out of bounds. That’s when he stuck his left foot in the ground and what we all though was a healthy knee was no more. Tannehill hit the ground, and Dolphins fans scanned the Internet waiting for the news.

What we all thought turned out to be true. Tannehill re-injured the knee he opted to forego surgery on last December, and Miami was left looking for his replacement. The obvious choice was already in house; Matt Moore was the man ready to step up much like he did late last season, leading the Dolphins to their first playoff birth since 2008.

More names surfaced as potential options for Gase and Miami’s offense. Colin Kaepernick was the popular choice amongst many throughout the media and some fans. Another name that circulated throughout Twitter was Alex Smith. Gase opted for neither and went with his man, Jay Cutler.

Now with two full weeks at the helm Cutler is eyeing his first start tomorrow night against the Baltimore Ravens. Familiar with Gase’s offense from his time with him in Denver and Chicago, Cutler is poised to step right in and take command. And he’s doing so with more weapons than he’s ever had in his 11 seasons as an NFL quarterback.

Don’t expect anything great right away. Fans, including myself, have mixed feelings with the Cutler signing. Can he win over his teammates and shake his “no care” attitude? And can he truly lead a team throughout the regular season and deep into the playoffs?

Those are two questions we won’t have answered in his first outing. Expect a mistake or two as he shakes off the rust. After all, Cutler hasn’t seen live action since week five of last year. From one fan to another all we can do is be patient and hopeful he’s ready to go week one against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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