Miami Dolphins in-depth recap of their loss to the Bengals

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The following Miami Dolphins recap is written by James Anderson.


Quarter 1:

Dolphins won the toss and got the ball, Jakeem Grant took it to the 30 got hurt and a foul on the kick off moved them back ten yards. What looked good was bad. I see a new twist with the delayed hand off, they have to try all they can to get the running game going. Kenyan Drake dropped a pass to the short right on third and five. At least they had more plays overall for a change nearly getting to midfield.

Robert Quinn hit Andy Dalton’s arm on incompletion. But Davon Godchaux was offside. Again what looked good was bad. Dalton was picking apart short to intermediate passes early. Reshad Jones saved a TD bringing down the TE. On a third down in the red zone Dalton’s pass was tipped by Jones and recovered by Kiko Alonso.

On 2nd and 7 Ryan Tannehill was nearly picked off on what could have been a pick six, he then overthrew a pass deep on third down. It looks like the line is not giving quite enough time for that sort of thing and short passing would probably fair better.

A foul on the punt backed the Bengals up but Dalton under pressure found A.J. Green on a wobbly pass to get out of the hole. Minkah Fitzpatrick had good coverage on Green who was looking for a foul but they got stopped, However after the punt the call came in running into the kicker and the Bengals got the ball back as the 1st quarter ended.

The good: The offense and defense for that matter both looked better than last game, you can even throw in special teams as no botched punts were made. An interception on defense along with stops.

The bad: Just 44 yards on offense although they did show some signs of life but Ryan Tannehill has to look more like he did the first three games.

Quarter 2:

Starting from bad field position the Dolphins tried a deep pass that went long for Kenny Stills but he had been fouled with illegal contact on the play. The short passing was back as well as Frank Gore blasting runs up the middle although he got hurt but was soon back. Heck a third down was even converted and some rolling out by Tannehill. Albert Wilson was featured some with a sweep play but he also was called on pass interference. When they got near the red zone Drake sneaked into the end on LB Hardy Nickerson wide open making the catch and redeeming himself on that past dropped ball getting the TD.

Dolphins 7 Bengals 0

Torry McTyer got burned on a 33 yards bomb getting the Bengals into the red zone where they stalled and tried to make a field goal. Vince Taylor had other plans by blocking that said FG.

Jakeem Grant made one heck of a return from his injury with a 70-yd punt return for a TD where he had to keep a tight line on the sideline after being pushed from behind, as time was running down under one minute in the first half. The Bengals took a knee.

Dolphins 14 Bengals 0

The good: Long play drives for the offense scoring the first TD. The defense is back to stopping drives along with good tackling. A blocked FG on special teams along with a punt return TD.

The bad: PI on Wilson. Torry McTyer needs to be better in coverage. While Tannehill looked better he still isn’t back to what he has shown earlier this season.

Quarter 3:

Jerome Baker got a key sack on Dalton stopping the Bengals on third down and backed up. The Dolphins got the ball back near midfield. Geno Atkins got around RG Jesse Davis for a sack making it third and long, Tannehill ran it to where a 42 yard FG could be made.

Dolphins 17 Bengals 0

The Bengals drove but had to settled for a FG when Jerome Baker got his second sack of the quarter. Where did this guy come from? He is suddenly lights out and Burke stepped things up.

Dolphins 17 Bengals 3

A momentum changer took place with some Dolphins fouls on special teams and on defense, Unsportsmanlike against Martrell Spaight on special teams who taunted and TJ McDonald with an iffy late hit call. Not that Dalton and the Bengals weren’t playing well on offense but Dalton did look a little inaccurate, he tossed one up for grabs while he was almost sacked getting a TD.

Dolphins 17 Bengals 10

The good: A first ever sack from Jerome Baker and then a second one which forced a FG.

The bad: When Gore was out Gase used Drake the same up the middle, he should try misdirection to the sides.

Quarter 4:

Drake came up big getting a first down on a dump off pass on third and long while being backed up. He showed the missed tackles he can create like he did at the end of last season. It went for nothing though as Tannehill made one of the biggest boneheaded plays I have ever seen him make trying to dump it off again, this time under even more pressure. He threw it where there were only linemen and It went for a pick six. If there was a TE there I didn’t see him looking for the ball everyone was blocking.

Dolphins 17 Bengals 17

After a poor Dolphins punt the Bengals had what looked like their best and most balanced drive of the game. Alonso saved a TD run on third and Jones did the same on a tipped pass the FG was good and the Bengals took their first lead.

Dolphins 17 Bengals 20

The Dolphins got the ball with three and a half minutes to play. Sam Young who came in back when the pick six happened had a false start. On third and long and Tannehill was about to get sacked Ja’Wuan James decided to hold after missing his block his man tipped the pass from behind causing yet another pick six.

Dolphins 17 Bengals 27

The good: Young back ups are getting experience? That’s all I got.

The bad: Gase won’t call runs on short yardage third downs even though Gore has been solid up the middle most game. Tannehill with one of the biggest blunders ever on the pick six.

As advertised: Minkah Fitzpatrick got through blocks making tackles in key moments. Reshad Jones on the field sure makes a deference on this defense everything else just seems to fall in to place with him back.

Still missing in action: Consistency as a team. While all units showed some good play during the game they just couldn’t hold up down the stretch.

Pleasant surprises: Raekwon McMillan and Jerome Baker are young LB’s that have to grow up. It was Baker that graduated with his two sacks on the game.

Ph-injury report: Jakeem Grant on the first play of the game went down after the kickoff but returned in a big way. Laremy Tunsil was evaluated for a concussion and later placed in protocol.

Game observations:

What a topsy-turvy game, good was bad, bad was good, up was down. No one predicted the Dolphins to take an early lead and hold the Bengals for most of the game. And the same could be said for how the offense self destructed once Laremy Tunsil went out with Sam Young filling in. Not to pin all the blame on him or the already depleted line in general, Tannehill has to be held accountable as well.

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