Dolphins Prepare for Monday Night Battle

Photo courtesy of Miami Dolphins official Facebook

Photo courtesy of Miami Dolphins official Facebook

Heading into the 5th Monday night football game of the regular season, we prepare to watch two undefeated teams battle in New Orleans.  After the Dolphins take down one of the NFC South’s powerhouse teams last weekend in the Falcons, the Dolphins now prepare to face off against another NFC South opponent, the Saints.

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The power of social media is real and you need not look any further than Facebook to see how real that power is. has been undergoing changes for a couple of years now and yet the right fit has seemed to elude us.

Until now.

Today is announcing it’s full partnership with the Phinatics Facebook group.  A dedicated Miami Dolphins fan group of 700 strong.  You can make it 701, 702, etc…by going here.

So what does this mean for you?

For starters, more content.  With the arrival of this partnership, Phinatics will see a new lead writer and editor arrive with Chris H. Borei, co-owner of the Facebook group.  Chris is going to bring not only his writing credentials to but also his experience and knowledge with the Miami Dolphins Facebook group and team.

In addition, Phinatics Facebook group’s other co-owner Mandi Moore will also be joining our site as an administrator/writer to keep you up to date on the Dolphins and the news that tops out on FB.

In addition, new writers will also be joining our current staff as we re-invent  Site and all.

With the partnership in place we are going to re-design the look and feel of tweak our long present logo to bring it more into the modern era Dolphins and work to bring you, the Miami Dolphins fan, one of the most comprehensive interactive social Dolphins website on the internet.

It’s taken two and a half years to find the right fit for this site and I believe that Chris H. Borei and Mandi Moore both will help take this site to the next level and become one of the top Miami Dolphins communities on the internet.

With a 700 member presence on Facebook, our current reader base, our Phinatics Forum, and original staff/members like Steve Dobson who runs and maintains the Facebook page Phinatics Photos, we feel this will be a great experience like no other!

Welcome aboard Phinatics Facebook group and thank you for welcoming us aboard as well!

A Rising Star in Miami

tannyrunWeek 3 is behind us and the Miami Dolphins have once again proven themselves by defeating the Atlanta Falcons.  At 3-0, the Dolphins are finally starting to get some of the recognition they deserve for the team they have become.  This is especially true after defeating two strong foes in the Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts.  It is such a pleasure to see the Dolphins ranked in the top 10 of almost every power ranking and to see article after article about the upward rise of the ‘Phins.  However, with all of these positives, there still seems to be a lack of recognition of the kind of quarterback  Ryan Tannehill is and how he rates against other QB’s.

I read one article that said Tannehill is not quite ready to be mentioned as a rising star alongside Luck, Wilson, RGIII and Kaepernick.  It is hard for me to believe they anyone can watch how Tannehill played the past 3 weeks and look at his stats and say that.  Let’s look at some of those stats, starting with a comparison to the “rookie superstars” of last year.

After 3 weeks of play, Tannehill ranks 2nd in total yards, behind RGIII.  He has 827 yards to RGIII’s 975 yards.  The other 3 (Kaepernick, Wilson & Luck) aren’t even close to that yardage.  In completion percentage, Tannehill ranks 1st among his contemporaries with a 66.4% ratio.  That is almost a  full percentage point ahead of Andrew Luck.  In average yards per throw, he has 7.73 yards, which is in 2nd place behind Wilson who has 9.1 yards, but still ahead of the other 3.  Tannehill is in 3rd place behind Wilson and Luck in ratio of TDs to INTs and in 3rd place in total number of TDs behind Wilson and RGIII.  He has the 2nd highest Passer Rating of the group at 94.3 behind Wilson, and Tannehill has the longest reception of any of them at 67 yards, which is 16 yards ahead of Wilson’s longest and 20 or more yards further than any of the others.

When you look at all of these stats and you look at the poise and leadership on and off the field that Ryan Tannehill has shown in the first 3 weeks, it is hard to see how anyone can honestly say he doesn’t belong in a discussion about the top young QB’s in the league.   My favorite quote that shows Tannehill’s maturity and leadership is what he said in the huddle before the game winning drive in Atlanta.  He told his teammates, “Everything that has happened before now doesn’t mean anything”, then they drove 75 yards to win the game.

Statistically and in every other visible way Ryan Tannehill is just as much a “rising star” as Wilson, RGIII, Luck or Kaepernick.  It is time that the sports media and NFL fans in general recognize this and give him the respect and accolades he deserves.


Why The Dolphins Beat The Falcons


Now that the dust has settled after our victory against Luck and the Colts. Its time to start looking forward to this weekend’s game against Matt Ryan’s Falcons

As we’ve gone week to week we’ve seen how these Dolphins look very different from the Dolphins we’ve come accustomed to. Seeing guys on offense that can explode at any moment, turnover hungry defense, and a coach who seems to be making that right moves.

Sadly along with those positive changes we’ve seen some recurring issues that can prove to be deadly against the more elite teams in the league.

One big problem that has reared its head is the 3rd and short efficiency. We were spoiled with Polite a couple of seasons ago because since his departure we haven’t converted 3rd and short quite as often. We have to be able to finish possessions because top teams make all their possessions count.

Issues down the middle have been going on for 4 years now. We brought guys like wheeler, Ellerbe and Jordan not only for their ability to blitz but to be able to cover guys like Gonzalez, Graham and Gronkowski. Amazingly enough these are the next three guys we play.

Freaked out? You shouldn’t be.

Falcons are definitely a super bowl caliber team but we’re catching them at the right time. With injuries to Roddy white and Steven Jackson we can focus alot of attention to Julio Jones who’s going to have the same effect as Wallace has. My biggest fear is Hugh Douglas and Gonzalez up the middle.

Gonzalez still hasn’t hit his stride this year. It seems like the training camp layoff has hurt him for the start of the season but you can probably expect a handful of targets for him. To me if the Dolphins can limit plays down the middle, they can beat Atlanta. Falcons defense isn’t anything great and with the continued cohesion of the Offensive unit i can see the Fins winning by double digits.

Stretch right? Believe me it isn’t

Factors for the Dolphins win:

  • Lack of run game will keep TE’s back and help out in the pass game to the TE’s and slot
  • Defense will be back to its sacking ways. Expect four in total this weekend.
  • Brent Grimes will draw Julio Jones and in an emotional game for Brent don’t expect any long touchdown throws to his side.
  • Lastly expect Gibson and Clay to have big games against Falcons average LB’s

This is not going to be an easy game but its a game that’s winnable and should the dolphins keep the turnovers down and pressure up on defense this team will take their home opener.

Cid’s Prediction:

31-20 Dolphins




Spread Killer: Why Miami Killed Their Chance

It’s amazing how after a win we, a fan base starved for success, can get so down about a victory. Is it that the bar we set is too high? Maybe it’s the way we dissect wins to make sure it’s worth our time to hope. Whichever is the reason, were right to do so.
I’m new to writing but not new to observation. I’ve watched this team for years before 95 but sadly my mental capacity can only remember that far back. What I can remember from my time as a “football infant” was the excitement for Sundays. Dolphin’s football was a brand. Headlined by a Hall of Fame QB and a gritty defense, every year was promising only to end up 10-6 or 11-5 with a wild card win and divisional defeat. We were left hungry just not starved.
Fast forward to the present day, our hopes are resting on the shoulders of a GM, who still hasn’t proven himself, an unproven but potential filled coach and QB.

Getting hungrier?

The front office has sold us on this spread offense that plans to be lethal but through a season and a half the only thing lethal is the injection into the fans veins. I for one loved the idea to go spread. We’re adapting to what the league has pushed for, high octane and a lot of points. Well I’m here to dash your dreams, not as a starved fan but as a student of the game.

Warning: Grab a Snickers your starvation may reach new heights

First off lets point out the good that the front office has done. They did a great job to sure up the line for our main offensive philosophy, throwing the ball. Clabo is proven, Jerry has taken huge strides, Pouncey is the center we wanted since Tim Ruddy left, Incognito though tempered has done well, and Martin is serviceable. They did a good job last year and after a shakey first half, they definitely did better the second.

Weapons were a key to our free agency and they found one piece that has been missing for over a decade. (not counting Ted Ginn as a deep threat) Wallace showed why we brought him in. His 1 catch for 15 yds is pathetic to those who can’t look deeper. Wallace took 2 guys every pass play. To me that’s a win because we have guys that can separate themselves down the field. Gibson looks to be a strong receiver who can handle nickel backs and LBs with ease. 20 yds on the ground or not I do like Lamar Miller. He has big play ability and has shown he will improve in areas that he lacks in.

Lastly, the key to any offensive philosophy the quarterback is where the offense excels or dies. Ryan Tannehill has the physical tools to become a very good quarterback in this league. Other parts of his game that really stand out are pocket presence, his field general attitude and being able to bounce back from bad plays. Short term memory loss is a big key to becoming a star in the league especially as QB.

Now on to the big failures that are going to haunt the Dolphins and our dreams.
The spread offense isn’t new. We have so many teams running it that it’s not hard to study. Saints, Patriots, Packers, Lions and Broncos are the prime examples of the spread. Aside from having great QBs these teams have one thing the dolphins don’t have, a great short route guy. Our man for that spot was traded to the team we played week 1. Saints have Lance Moore and Darren Sproles, Patriots had Welker and now Edelman, Packers have Randall Cobb, Lions had Titus Young now have Ryan Broyles, and the Broncos now have brought in Welker after having Stokley’s services. Dolphins have done a good job at bringing in guys to help the spread but if you want lose that slot guy you better have a running attack to protect you, sadly the Dolphins may not have that.

When the transformation to the spread happen all I could think about was Bess finally being where he needed to be. He’s a possession guy, he’s a wiggle guy and on any of the teams I just mentioned he would be grabbing 80 balls a year. He should be doing that for us this year but we decided he wasn’t needed.

I beg to differ.

You may tell yourself that I’m pessimistic or negative, I’m just being honest. I still think the Dolphins have a chance at having a decent run this year. A lot can be pointed to play calling and the lack of adjustments at the line. But the ineffectiveness of our running game in Week 1 is scary. Having a receiver like Bess would not only help this running game by taking LB’s and Safeties out of the box but will actually make Miami what they intended to be, a true spread offense.

This article may just be a result of hunger but all I ask is that Miami allows me to see what they promise. I understand how hard it is to win a Super Bowl and I can’t ask for that every year, but if you’re going to promise me a lethal offense, take a working blueprint and follow it.

For now I’ll unwrap my snickers because I get negative when I’m starved.

Reflecting Upon the Dolphins’ Season Opener

Coming into the Dolphins at Browns game yesterday there was plenty of optimism surrounding the 2013 season for the Phins.  A game that was substantially changed by Dolphin’s takeaways, turned into a defensive battle early in the first half.  With a close first half, the Dolphins eventually pulled away from the Browns in the 4th quarter.  In conclusion the Dolphins left Cleveland with their first win of the season, and learned a few things from their first outing of the year.


One very noticeable downturn for the Miami Dolphins was easily their running game.  With a total of 20 rushing yards throughout the game, and only 1 rushing first down, the Dolphin’s offense heavily relied on Ryan Tannehill’s arm.  This poor rushing performance by the Dolphins brings skepticism for Miami fans.  Heading into the 2013 season, 2 year running back Lamar Miller was named the starter after a heated position battle with Daniel Thomas.  Lamar took 10 carries for 3 yards in Miami’s season opener on Sunday, in comparison to Thomas’ 8 carries for 14 yards and a touchdown.  A very concerning start for the Dolphin’s backs creates a dubious opinion of the running backs and offensive line.

Staying on the offensive side of the ball, the condition of wide out Mike Wallace is concerning.

Accumulating only 1 reception for 15 yards in his regular season debut as a Dolphin brought a seemingly distressed receiver.  After the game upon being asked about his performance, Wallace responded “I don’t want to talk. I don’t feel like talking about it” and “ask coach. It’s not my gameplan.”  With Wallace being rather unproductive in the statistical column, he did take away two defenders a majority of the game.  The coverage of Mike Wallace may have been substantial, however this brought Ryan Tannehill opportunities to feed Brian Hartline and Brandon Gibson who combined for 16 receptions and 191 yards.  Mike Wallace may have been unhappy with his production in week one, however week 2 may be a completely different story against the Indianapolis Colts.

On the defensive side of the ball, unexpected players like Dimitri Patterson came up big for the Dolphins in the win.  Patterson who forced the Brown’s quarterback Brandon Weeden to throw 2 interceptions, came up big against his former team.  Nolan Carroll also came up with an interception early in the game.  Perhaps the constant pressure from all star defensive end Cameron Wake helped force some of these turnovers.  Wake accumulated 4 tackles, along with 2.5 sacks on Sunday, and left the Brown’s right tackle Mitchell Schwartz struggling.


A couple other players who made an impact are listed below:

  • New additions to the Dolphins, Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe finished with 6 tackles respectively.
  • Rookie Dolphin’s kicker Caleb Sturgis struck for 3/3 field goals, with a long of 49 yards.
  • Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver Davone Bess finished with 5 reception for 47 yards for the Cleveland Browns.
  • Second year quarterback Ryan Tannehill was effective in his sophomore season opener, as he went 24/38 for 272 yards and for a touchdown (Hartline) as well as an interception.


The Dolphins continue their road game trip next Sunday as they play at Indianapolis.



Write About The Miami Dolphins

Obsolete Typewriter: Photostock

Obsolete Typewriter: Photostock


Andrew Eisch has done a great job of covering the team here but he could use some help!  With the season ready to roll in 8 days.  Why not get your voice heard?  Email me at if you are interested in joining this team!

You would be responsible for at minimum TWO articles per week.

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Digesting the Dolphin’s Roster Moves

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

As the Miami Dolphins approach closer to the regular season opener versus the Browns just 11 days away, the Dolphins have been assessing their roster, and making cuts.  As seen in HBO’s Hard Knocks last summer, the whole roster fights for very limited spots in the final 53 man roster.  With this past Tuesday (27th) being set as a deadline for a 75 man roster, the Dolphins made a series of subtractions.

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How To Stay Active In A Dull Football Game


Many people like watching live football games for fun, however some matches may be long and mundane without any thrill or action, this can be bad if you have already paid for the ticket. Nevertheless, there are many interesting ways to kill boredom in such games.

Update about Miami dolphins news

Miami Dolphins have an interesting app on Google play, which fans can use to stay updated with the latest news. Instead of sitting idle, you can log in and get instant access to LIVE videos, audio broadcasts and in-depth sport details. Download here for instant access to this app.

Visitors can also check cool photo galleries of both players and cheerleaders. It’s one of the best ways to pass time in such circumstances. Other things you can do with this app are accessing live sport commentary, team stats and new scoring drives.

Play NFL pro 2013

Android users can now download and play NFL Pro 2013 from their Smartphones, it’s another great way of passing time in any unexciting football match. The game is absolutely free and delivers quality graphical experience. It incorporates a series of great onscreen buttons including gyroscopic consoles that are easy to use. Moreover, the virtual buttons allow players to make quick moves such as speed burst which helps in sprinting past defenders.

Gamers also have the opportunity of enjoying 1st person visuals with better field views. Whenever a player passes the ball to another competitor, they would get clear views of all corners within the field according to a quarterback’s perspective, this helps in finding an open play receiver who may be used to score goals faster. This great app can keep your mind jogging and prevent monotony.

Enjoy casino games

Mobile casinos give people unrivaled gambling opportunities that can be used to kill time during boring playoffs. Players are guaranteed the best interface controls, game selection as well as maximum security. When you register with these virtual betting platforms, there’s always the promise of thrill and excitement. Moreover, you will get 24/7 staff assistance through email, telephone and live chat. Players may also be given astounding casino cash bonuses to lift their spirits. The best mobile casinos for android are now available for all Smartphone users.

After all, you have many things you can do to get entertained when bored during a football game.


Betting On The Next Miami Dolphins Game



It has been a long wait for fans of the Miami Dolphins for the new NFL football season to commence. However, the start of the season is drawing nearer with each passing day. A lot of excitement surrounds the new season given coaching and staffing changes. Many fans are brimming with anticipation to see how well their team will perform in the new season. For some of these fans, sports betting is providing an outlet through which they can have some involvement in the impending season as they continue to wait.

Right now, the main bets that can be placed are what are known as future bets. As one might think judging by the name, these pertain to future events within the season and their results. Placing this kind of wager right now comes with a lot of inherent risk which makes them also quite lucrative should they be successful. Of these bets, probably the one that is placed the most is which NFL team will win the Super Bowl. Many fans often place their money down on their favourite team. Therefore, for Dolphins fans, the odds of their team winning are currently set at 50 to 1. This means for a standard bet of $100, the payout for the Dolphins actually winning would be $5000.

Once a futures bet is placed, there is obviously some time that must elapse before the result is know. In the meantime, Miami Dolphins fans can continue to enjoy aspects of football by playing football themed slot machine games at Gaming Club online casino games. One of these is a game known as $5 Million Dollar Touchdown. The game features symbols taken right from football including players, cheerleaders, footballs and a referee’s whistle. Many fans will find that this game can fit into any budget has it has a large range of coin denominations that can be used.

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