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Miami Dolphins Are Not Rebuilding, They Are Developing

After the Miami Dolphins front office has finally spoke about what is going on with the team, it’s easy to tell the team is set on not overspending for players.  They are confident in this coaching staff’s ability to develop young players.  This should excite us as fans.  Take a look around the league and name 1 team that experiences success after ‘winning’ free agency.

Last year’s winner was the Philadelphia Eagles.  You remember don’t you?  They were tabbed as the ‘Dream Team’ by Vince Young, who by the way, is looking for a job right now.  The Patriots made big splashes last year with Alber Haynesworth and Chad Ochocinco.  Haynesworth didn’t make it through the season, and Ochocinco had his least productive season as a pro.  The Patriots made it to the Super Bowl on the efforts of the players they developed. 

The Super Bowl Champion Giants won the Super Bowl that way.  Mario Manningham, Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, etc……were all developed by the Giants’ coaching staff, they were not overpaid for in free agency.  This is the true way to win.  You draft players that will be a good fit for your system, and you coach them to be successful in that system.  Yes it makes the offseason relatively boring, but I will trade a boring offseason for a winning season any day of the week.

Joe Philbin, Jeff Ireland, and Stephen Ross did a great service to the Miami Dolphin fan base by speaking about the process they are in the middle of.  Their plan is to build this team through the draft, the way it should be done.  Their plan is to trust the coaches to coach the player up to reach their full potential.  Joe Philbin is known for this.  He has had nothing but good things said about him from his peers in this area.  The staff he has brought in is full of experience in this area as well.

On paper, Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland made the right move by hiring Philbin.  I know he has yet to hold a single practice yet, but I’m optomistic about the future in Miami.  They have a GM that is labeled a great talent evaulator, an owner that supports him, and a coaching staff known for developing talent.  Sure, it may take a year or two to see great results, bu

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  1. ace says:

    it only been 30 years now,,,,,,great talent evaulator,,,, are you smoking the green down there ,,,, who has great talent ???????? taking o-line ,,, with the number one pick ,,,is a no big evaulator ,,,, even you can do that and me too,,,with out ,,,30 man crew to help… but if the new coach can coach ,,,,, he will make ross and firland look great……now we get all this bs about drafting your player ,,,,how about all those pick they lost over three years like bm deal ,,,broken leg right out of the draft ect, ect never fixing any thing……..he been playing with the o-line now 4 years 3 number one picks and still is the most trouble with the team,,,even you said that for 3 year ,, fire firland please

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