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Don’t Look For The Miami Dolphins To Take A QB In The 1st Round

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As we move from free agency to the draft, one thing is becoming more and more clear, the Miami Dolphins like Matt Moore.  The biggest signing the Miami Dolphins could have done this offseason was to sign one of the available free agent quarterbacks to be the starter for the Miami Dolphins.  As we all know, that didn’t happen.

So what does this say about the quarterback position for the Dolphins?  Well for some, it would say that the front office is the reason the Dolphins don’t have a new starting quarterback.  Some will argue that Jeff Ireland is the problem, others say it’s owner Stephen Ross’ fault.  Miami isn’t a place anyone wants to play, and the Dolphins are a team that no one wants to play for.  I have a different opinion……

The Dolphins were looking at two possible free agents to become the starter, Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn.  It became clear pretty early on that Peyton Manning was a little out of their reach.  He was going to command too much money, and the Dolphins weren’t ready to sell the farm for a 36 year old quarterback coming off of 4 neck operations.  It was a great thought, but too far out of reach.  Then there was Matt Flynn, the quarterback who had worked with new head coach Joe Philbin for the past 4 years.  He knew the offense, and played well in 2 starts during his NFL career.  He was going to be the chosen one, it was a perfect match.

Well, Flynn came to visit, then left to Seattle.  The Dolphins didn’t get the perfect fit.  We can speculate all day long for the reason why Flynn isn’t a Dolphin, but you’d be wasting your time if you hope to come up with an answer.  All that matters is, Flynn ins’t a Dolphin, and Matt Moore is still the starter, with expected competition to come from no other than David Garrard.  Yes, the Miami Dolphins have chosen Matt Moore over all others to be their starting QB in 2012.  Maybe Philbin see’s something in Moore that we all don’t.  Or, maybe there is a quarterback in the draft that the Miami Dolphins are going to take to be the starter.

Well folks, judging by how Ireland has orchestrated his drafts in the past, don’t count on that quarterback being taken in the first round.  Miami picks at number 8, which is too late for Andrew Luck or RGIII, and too high for the likes of Tannehill.  If Miami can’t trade down from this pick, don’t be shocked if a quarterback isn’t taken, these guys just don’t operate that way.  One of their holes will be filled, likely pass rusher.  That is the biggest need other than quarterback that has not really been filled this offseason.  Sure, you can say wide receiver is a bigger need, but this draft is loaded with wide receiver talent.

In this offense, there really isn’t a need for an Alpha receiver, so choosing one in the first round isn’t likely, unless Justin Blackmon happens to fall in their lap.  There will be plenty of wide receivers available in the latter rounds, and with Miami picking up a 3rd round pick for Brandon Marshall, look for Miami to use one of their third rounders on a wide receiver or seam threat tight end.  As for the quarterback, don’t look any sooner than the 2nd round.

I have a feeling this coaching staff likes what they see in Matt Moore.  For the second time in his career, he has lifted a crappy team to some victories.  He also played well for the Carolina Panthers a couple years ago coming in for Jimmy Clausen.  He may be the guy that can run the offense for the time being, or the future as well.  Judging by the way this front office didn’t go all in for a quarterback not named Peyton Manning, I’d say they think the same thing.  Don’t be surprised if Moore is the starter on opening day in 2012, and don’t be surprised if he is backed up by David Garrard and a 3rd or 4th round pick whose name will be revealed at a later date.

Phins Up!



  1. ace says:

    moore is by far the best qb we had in 15 years……….15 years……….lets see what the new coaches can do with him……. if they can coach moore will be very good this year…lets work on o-line and get it fix,,, one person will not fix the o-line ,,,we need three or more o-liner,,, if they do fix the o-line in this draft ????? moore will be not good but great QB,,,, with a pass rusher add to def and a great push up the m the def will be great to ;;;;;;lets all hope the new coaching team can coach like np,gp do each year,,

    1. whoknowsnothing says:

      I concur, but Soliai needs to do a better job in pushing the O-line. Opponents would hardly ever use two guys to block him. Wake was who they focused more on.

  2. whoknowsnothing says:

    If the Phins are taking a QB in this draft, it should be in the last pick in they have in the 3rd round or the sixth rd. Outside of Luck and Griffin, there is no other QB who should be drafted in the first rd.
    The Phins have had no luck with drafting a QB in the 2nd rd, so why would they give it another try.
    If poor QB play follows this season, Miami will draft a QB in the first rd next year no matter what and there will be at least more talent at the position too.

    In Phins I trust!!!

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