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I Don’t Want to Hear the “R” Word!

I normally read 15 to 20 Miami Dolphin related articles each week; sometimes more depending on the time of year. During free agency, the draft and during the season it could be as many as 40-50 articles. Not having the privilege of having any type of inside information or a direct contact with the organization, like most of you, I am left to decide what is fact or just opinion. The sources I use range from those writers that support the team to those that seemingly despise and criticize every move the organization makes. I feel it is important to see both sides before making my own assessment.

During the years, it has become predictable on which writers state the facts and remain optimistic to those that speculate how terrible the team will be due to incompetency of the front office. Like racist, they are the ones who refuse to let any negative media hype die and live to keep  making a paycheck at the expense of the organization.

It isn’t just the Miami Dolphins. Every city, team  and newspaper has these naysayers who make their living criticizing and berating their hometown team(s). I find this rather disturbing and actually have a list of sports writers who I avoid like the cancer they are. The latest buzz among the critics is that the Fins are in a rebuilding mode. What????

How can anyone say the team is rebuilding? I surmise this theory came about because of the Brandon Marshall trade and they feel like the rest of the teams WR’s won’t be able to fill the loss (if you want to call it that). Maybe the term rebuilding came about because Ireland did not spend money in the free agency like a drunken sailor. I have read that many so called analysts are calling the Fins the biggest losers in free agency. Huh? Could they have done better? Yes, but they could have done worse.

How can any writer worth his or her salt say a team that has a top 10 defense any way you measure it say the team is in a “starting over mode? What exactly defines “rebuilding” anyway? Isn’t every team constantly “building?” Every team loses and gains players every single year. As far as the Fins go, the youth on the staff looks very promising and they re-signed most of their key players, including Paul Soliai who most thought would never be back.

I may be in the minority, but I don’t think so! I just think using the “R” word is very premature and most likely used to promote controversy and readership instead of taking an objective point of view. As for me, I don’t want to hear the “R” word!



Updated: March 29, 2012 — 9:16 pm


  1. Hesterjm07 says:

    Good Article,

    I don’t think people realize that the Brandon Marshall trade was not about the team needing to rebuild and get more draft picks as many believe. The trade was about mentality change. Jim Harbaugh didn’t rebuild the 49ers in a year. What he did was change the mentality in the locker room and look where they went. If you break down this team’s position groups then you would realize they’re not rebuilding.

  2. Fins4ever says:

    Thank you and I could not agree more. One needs to look no further than the methodology and philosophy Joe Philpin helped install in Green Bay. In the WCO it is all about attacking the weakness of the D with quick, accurate plays, not targeting one specific WR.

    Also agree on the job Harbaugh did in San Fran. It was nothing short of amazing. He revitalized Alex Smith and made him look like a pro bowler and did nothing short of a miracle on D. Yes, leadership and attitude is EVERYTHING.

    Is it any wonder Ross wanted him Miami? Maybe he is not as stupid as some people are lead to believe. Smiles!

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