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Upset Dolphin Fans Need To Get A Grip

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After today’s news of Peyton Manning heading to Denver, Yeremiah Bell getting released, and David Garrard signing with the Dolphins, most fans are calling for Jeff Ireland’s head.  I’ve even heard there is going to be a rally in Miami tomorrow to show the disapproval of Ireland.  Are you serious?  Having a rally calling for Ireland to be fired would be as embarrassing as the plane that flew over Sun Life Stadium begging Stephen Ross to fire Ireland.  Please stop embarrassing yourselves, upset Dolphin fans, doing that is not what this team needs.

Let’s take a look at what was out there at the quarterback position in free agency that Miami didn’t get.  Peyton Manning was obviously the best one to get, and Miami was right to pursue him.  It was clear from day one that Manning had some idea of where he wanted to go, and Denver is a pretty good choice for him.  Sure, San Francisco has the more talented roster, but Manning made it pretty clear that he didn’t want to leave what he was familiar with, and he didn’t want to compete against his brother to reach the Super Bowl.  Manning has played in the AFC his whole career.  He has studied the teams in the AFC and their defenses, and he knows them well.  Moving to the NFC would have put Manning against defenses, players, and scheme’s he wasn’t familiar with, and I understand why he wouldn’t want to deal with learning them.  Yes, you could argue the fact that Miami’s roster was up to par with Denver’s, but do you really think Tebow would have won 8 games last year against the AFC East?  No way!  Manning went to a team with a great defense, a great running game, and went to a division he could win the next 4 or 5 years.  I don’t think anyone would argue that Manning and the Dolphins would win the AFC East hands down the next 5 years, not when facing Tom Brady twice a season.

Manning made the decision based on what was best for him.  He will get the money he wants, play in a division he can win, and won’t be faced with enormous expectation for winning a Super Bowl.  Not to mention the media in Denver is probably similar to that in Indianapolis.  Manning is a creature of habit, and choosing Denver supports that.  The Broncos will still have enough cap room to land some of Manning’s former teammates.  Had Miami got Manning, the would have had to do some major roster adjustments to get anyone else.

The second best option, according to the experts, was Matt Flynn.  If Miami would have really wanted him, they could have gotten him.  Don’t give me this crap that Ireland is the reason Flynn chose Seattle.  Ireland doesn’t coach the quarterbacks, or the offense.  Flynn would have been playing in the only offense he has learned since he has been in the NFL.  If the Dolphins and coach Philbin really though Flynn was the answer, they would have done whatever it took to sign him, thinking any other way is flat out stupid if you ask me.  No one in the NFL had more information on Flynn than the Miami Dolphins, and he wasn’t the guy a lot of fans hoped he was going to be for the Dolphins.

After Manning and Flynn (supposedly), who is better than Matt Moore?  Sure, David Garrard doesn’t seem to be, but when he was healthy he was.  Miami didn’t sign him to a big contract, in fact, he’s not getting any guaranteed money until he makes the final roster.  He is being brought in to be a backup, nothing more.  I remember some fans were screaming for him last season after Henne was hurt, now you are all pissed?  The free agent market for quarterbacks was weak this offseason, much like it is every year.  Teams with great quarterbacks keep them, they don’t let them walk to another team.

The Marshall trade was another thing that got fans riled up.  Let’s take a closer look at it.  He saved the team $11 million or so in cap space.  He was involved in yet another offseason incident.  He ran his mouth after the Pro Bowl when he had a career game in what looked like 7 on 7 drills.  If he had a quarterback he could do that all the time……yeah right!  I can remember at least 5 touchdowns he dropped last season.  He was targeted 145 times last season and was tied for 2nd in the league with 12 drops.  He was beginning to become a problem in the locker room because he claimed the quarterbacks he had didn’t put the ball where he could catch it.  When you all watch games doesn’t it seem like the great receivers go up and get the damn ball.  Doesn’t it seem like Johnson and Fitzgerald just make the play no matter where the ball is?  Marshall was hit in the hands plenty of times, not in traffic, and he dropped it.  Then he blames his quarterbacks?  He says things like he wants to get himself thrown out of games by halftime, and fans are upset that he’s gone?  Miami is much better off without him.

This afternoon, Miami announced that they have released Yeremiah Bell.  Of course, this upsets a lot of fans.  Sure he was the team’s leading tackler, and a great locker room guy.  He played his heart out for Miami, but as we all know the NFL is a business, and this was a smart business decision.  Bell was a liability in the secondary.  Quarterbacks that threw his way had a 105 rating.  It was time to move on, and the move saves the team $4 million in cap space.

No, the offseason hasn’t gone the way most fans and media thought for the Dolphins.  They all blame Ireland for his tactics, and claim that no one wants to play in Miami because of him.  Just take some time and look at the good things he has done since assuming ‘full’ control of the roster, and not hold it against him the things that Parcells did during his time with Miami.  In his first draft he took Odrick in the first round, in his second draft he took Mike Pouncey.  Both players are starters and potentially Pro Bowlers.  He signed Matt Moore and traded for Reggie Bush.  His late round choices of Reshard Jones and Jimmie Wilson have shown some playmaking ability.  He brought in Richie Incognito and Kevin Burnett.  This offseason he was able to re-sign Paul Soliai and Lydon Murtha.  He also signed Richard Marshall, who could be the answer for Bell.

With the possibility of signing Anderson to compliment Wake as a pass rusher, this defense is still going to be good next season.  New defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle thrived as a secondary coach in Cincinnati, which was the major weakness for this defense last season.  Yes, the offense needs some pieces, but with the Marshall trade Miami now holds 4 picks in the first 3 rounds.  They will build this offense to suit what Philbin wants to do through the draft.  It’s foolish to think in today’s NFL that a quarterback taken in the draft needs 2 seasons to develop.  Dalton, Newton, Freeman, and Bradford have all done well early.

So for those of you calling for Ireland’s head, GET A GRIP!  Wait to see what takes the field in September.  I can’t remember the last team that won a Super Bowl through free agency.  Last years free agency winner, the Philadelphia Eagles, were watching the playoffs just like the Dolphins.

Phins Up!



  1. ace says:

    are you smoking the green grass ,,, today or doing cc ??????

  2. Anthony says:

    Actually, this is one of the few articles that I have seen with any reason attached to it, although, I would like to make 2 points before beginning here.
    First, we did not save $11 million or in cap space this year by nixing Marshall. I believe that the way his salary and the cap works, we opened up closer to half that number, however, I agree with you. Marshall needed to go. There is no issue with me on that. This draft-class has some good talent at wide-out and we will get out hands on a great young receiver.
    Second, I am no Jeff Ireland fan, however, totally agree on the quarterback issue, although, we would have had to restructure a whole bunch of contracts just to sign Manning, let alone, his band of merry men. We also may have lost someone even bigger, possibly even Jake Long…pun intended, in order to make room. We can’t afford those kinds of losses right now.
    Manning wanted big money and I am in agreement that it wasn’t worth banking the franchise on one player when you just got a new structure put in place. Manning did not fit into the system that is coming here in the slightest and to go back on Marshall, neither did he. Aside from his over-exaggerated skill-set, he is a disruption. No one but Chicago even wanted him. Don’t you think that another team would have given up a second round pick if they did? Hell no, they didn’t. Cutler and Marshall got what they wanted. Let us hope for Cutler’s sake, that Marshall stays happy now because he was never going to be happy in Miami. Adios, good riddance and I hope you find balance, Mr. Marshall.
    Then we move onto Flynn, a man who has played two games in the NFL with one of the best offenses and coaches around him…demanding some 26 million dollars with 10 million dollars guaranteed over 3 years…WHAT?
    Alex Smith(who sucks, by the way) had a stellar season under a good coaching staff and system last season, the first decent season after 6 crappy seasons, and he is only being offered 24 million after bringing them to the NFC championships(a game that came down to overtime). Smith, at least, has proven what he can do(with statistics comparable to Matt Moore, by the way).
    So far…I see a no, no and a no freaking thank you…Garrad is way better than Smith, to be honest, if healthy. I am not thinking that he is quite healthy, but he may be in time for the season and most likely, we will be drafting a QB anyway. I am not sold on Tannehill(really not sold, actually) but I am sure Sherman likes him. I really don’t. I would actually rather pass on Tannehill and target Weeden, to be honest.
    I really believe that Weeden would be taken in this draft over RGIII if he wasn’t 28 years old. Just my opinion. For me, as a QB starved Dolphin fan, I am cool with his age.
    So what if we get a productive QB for 7 years instead of 10 years? I really don’t give a damn…just give me the productive QB!
    The main reason why everyone is so upset is because of the original idea that there was the potential for Manning. No one originally gave a crap about Flynn. They wanted Manning and anything short of Manning would call for Ross’s head! That is what is going on right now and Manning has less than 5 years of tread on the tires. I’ll take Weeden with 7 years and be happy that we aren’t playing the Manning offense. I want the Philbin offense. Weeden already can run it.
    People need to start using their heads…

    Now, here is my gripe. We have wasted the entire first week and a half of free-agency on this QB debacle when we should have been signing guys like Eric Winston to shore up the line. That is the problem I have with Ireland right now. They can’t seem to do two things at once or make the right decisions when it comes to secondary issues. They were all-in on this QB crap and lost out in other area whilst the Patriots were VERY busy filling much-needed holes.

  3. Anthony says:

    Oh yes, on Bell…I love the guy…always have, but he was getting burned more and more. We must address the Safety issue. Richard Marshall isn’t going to cut it. We need his help at at Corner. He helps us there, but we still need a solid Safety.

  4. steve says:

    Ur an idiot….Havent you noticed this franchise is a joke and no good player wants to be here???
    Trading marshall freed up cap space?? Last I checked a big time wr is worth the money especially when he leaves and your number 1 wr is Brian hartline haha
    David garrard? he was washed up and not any good 2 years ago. If they wanted a backup they should have just kept henen haha
    If they take Ryan tannehil in the draft I will never watch a Fins game again. i havent missed a game in 3 years, and have been a huge fins fan my whole life no matter wher I was I would never miss a game. Now when New England is getting better this offseason, we have gotten significantly worse (lost our best player). Now they will draft a wr turned qb with the8th pick…This could have all been avioded and we could be on the edge of our seats preparing for draftinf our francghise qb if we didnt win 6 meaningless games against shit teams down the stretch.

    1. Anthony says:

      Yes, you’re so right. I am an “idiot” because nothing I said made any sense and you retorted “intelligently”, touching on all points that I made. Good reply. You are going to win this argument, I can tell.

  5. Fins4ever says:

    One of the things that bothers me the most so far is the move Ireland didn’t make. How he could let RT Eric Winston walk away when the position was screaming for an upgrade is beyond me.

    Eric is the 11th best RT in the league and the Fins gave up close to 50 sacks last year, many coming courtesy of former RT Marc Colombo. For Ireland to pass on EW and put his faith in Murtha, Jerry or the draft is risky. He had one of the best fall in his lap and refused to open his wallet.

    Bad move Jeff.

    1. Hellion says:

      Eric Winston wanted ridiculous money… and the oline is not our priority right now(draft is deep in guard position). Marshall will prob play FS or the nickel corner….Reshad Jones size and hitting style will put him at SS, jimmy wilson can transition here too… Ireland can’t land everyone, overpaying for a 30 year old tackle is not answer…If Ireland is able to land Anderson it will help us in draft… we could go after a qb(tannehill looks sharp, bad receivers in Texas A&M, only qb to beat texas, nebraska, and oklahoma in same season) and 2 wr within the first five rounds and address DE in round 3… These protesters are really embarrassing… you make a statement when u don’t buy tickets or season ticks….shows how classless fan base is… it would make no sense to fire Ireland now a month before the draft… need to give new GM a buffer period to analyze roster and scout talent… franchise has fallen because of fans… you guys will boo and chant for another QB at the first fumble or interception… Ireland is prob a jerk because u guys put that pressure on him…. most people who call for his head can’t even give u a good reason…ya he called dec bryant’s mom a prostitute. but dez first told ireland his dad was a pimp… look at the baggage that kid comes with in his first 2 years…

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