Need A Dolphins Break? Go Digital

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The Miami Dolphins are still holding on to a thread as week 17 approaches.  After today’s game you may need to de-stress and a friend of mine may have the perfect solution for you.

His name is Kelly McArdle and he owns a digital movie site.  What’s digital movies?  Well if you have a VUDU, Ultraviolet, or Flixster account that you either already know or are pretty close to finding out.

Digital movies are the new format for watching films.  Imagine Netflix but instead of paying a monthly charge you pay nothing and the movies in the account you actually own.  You can also rent movies as well from any of the providers.

Kelly makes it easy because you can buy the codes from his site for an average of 3 to 5 bucks per film.  They are not rentals they are your copies.  I’ve bought quite a few from him and it’s a pretty good deal to help you build your movie collection.

It should be noted that this is not an advertisement.  I offered to promote this for him because frankly, he’s a good guy and could use the web hits to his site.  So check it out by going here.

Sometimes it just makes sense to share good products.  Enjoy!