Just A Fan, Is Never Enough! Joins Phinatics Facebook Group!


The power of social media is real and you need not look any further than Facebook to see how real that power is. has been undergoing changes for a couple of years now and yet the right fit has seemed to elude us.

Until now.

Today is announcing it’s full partnership with the Phinatics Facebook group.  A dedicated Miami Dolphins fan group of 700 strong.  You can make it 701, 702, etc…by going here.

So what does this mean for you?

For starters, more content.  With the arrival of this partnership, Phinatics will see a new lead writer and editor arrive with Chris H. Borei, co-owner of the Facebook group.  Chris is going to bring not only his writing credentials to but also his experience and knowledge with the Miami Dolphins Facebook group and team.

In addition, Phinatics Facebook group’s other co-owner Mandi Moore will also be joining our site as an administrator/writer to keep you up to date on the Dolphins and the news that tops out on FB.

In addition, new writers will also be joining our current staff as we re-invent  Site and all.

With the partnership in place we are going to re-design the look and feel of tweak our long present logo to bring it more into the modern era Dolphins and work to bring you, the Miami Dolphins fan, one of the most comprehensive interactive social Dolphins website on the internet.

It’s taken two and a half years to find the right fit for this site and I believe that Chris H. Borei and Mandi Moore both will help take this site to the next level and become one of the top Miami Dolphins communities on the internet.

With a 700 member presence on Facebook, our current reader base, our Phinatics Forum, and original staff/members like Steve Dobson who runs and maintains the Facebook page Phinatics Photos, we feel this will be a great experience like no other!

Welcome aboard Phinatics Facebook group and thank you for welcoming us aboard as well!

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