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A Rising Star in Miami

tannyrunWeek 3 is behind us and the Miami Dolphins have once again proven themselves by defeating the Atlanta Falcons.  At 3-0, the Dolphins are finally starting to get some of the recognition they deserve for the team they have become.  This is especially true after defeating two strong foes in the Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts.  It is such a pleasure to see the Dolphins ranked in the top 10 of almost every power ranking and to see article after article about the upward rise of the ‘Phins.  However, with all of these positives, there still seems to be a lack of recognition of the kind of quarterback  Ryan Tannehill is and how he rates against other QB’s.

I read one article that said Tannehill is not quite ready to be mentioned as a rising star alongside Luck, Wilson, RGIII and Kaepernick.  It is hard for me to believe they anyone can watch how Tannehill played the past 3 weeks and look at his stats and say that.  Let’s look at some of those stats, starting with a comparison to the “rookie superstars” of last year.

After 3 weeks of play, Tannehill ranks 2nd in total yards, behind RGIII.  He has 827 yards to RGIII’s 975 yards.  The other 3 (Kaepernick, Wilson & Luck) aren’t even close to that yardage.  In completion percentage, Tannehill ranks 1st among his contemporaries with a 66.4% ratio.  That is almost a  full percentage point ahead of Andrew Luck.  In average yards per throw, he has 7.73 yards, which is in 2nd place behind Wilson who has 9.1 yards, but still ahead of the other 3.  Tannehill is in 3rd place behind Wilson and Luck in ratio of TDs to INTs and in 3rd place in total number of TDs behind Wilson and RGIII.  He has the 2nd highest Passer Rating of the group at 94.3 behind Wilson, and Tannehill has the longest reception of any of them at 67 yards, which is 16 yards ahead of Wilson’s longest and 20 or more yards further than any of the others.

When you look at all of these stats and you look at the poise and leadership on and off the field that Ryan Tannehill has shown in the first 3 weeks, it is hard to see how anyone can honestly say he doesn’t belong in a discussion about the top young QB’s in the league.   My favorite quote that shows Tannehill’s maturity and leadership is what he said in the huddle before the game winning drive in Atlanta.  He told his teammates, “Everything that has happened before now doesn’t mean anything”, then they drove 75 yards to win the game.

Statistically and in every other visible way Ryan Tannehill is just as much a “rising star” as Wilson, RGIII, Luck or Kaepernick.  It is time that the sports media and NFL fans in general recognize this and give him the respect and accolades he deserves.


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