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Why The Dolphins Beat The Falcons


Now that the dust has settled after our victory against Luck and the Colts. Its time to start looking forward to this weekend’s game against Matt Ryan’s Falcons

As we’ve gone week to week we’ve seen how these Dolphins look very different from the Dolphins we’ve come accustomed to. Seeing guys on offense that can explode at any moment, turnover hungry defense, and a coach who seems to be making that right moves.

Sadly along with those positive changes we’ve seen some recurring issues that can prove to be deadly against the more elite teams in the league.

One big problem that has reared its head is the 3rd and short efficiency. We were spoiled with Polite a couple of seasons ago because since his departure we haven’t converted 3rd and short quite as often. We have to be able to finish possessions because top teams make all their possessions count.

Issues down the middle have been going on for 4 years now. We brought guys like wheeler, Ellerbe and Jordan not only for their ability to blitz but to be able to cover guys like Gonzalez, Graham and Gronkowski. Amazingly enough these are the next three guys we play.

Freaked out? You shouldn’t be.

Falcons are definitely a super bowl caliber team but we’re catching them at the right time. With injuries to Roddy white and Steven Jackson we can focus alot of attention to Julio Jones who’s going to have the same effect as Wallace has. My biggest fear is Hugh Douglas and Gonzalez up the middle.

Gonzalez still hasn’t hit his stride this year. It seems like the training camp layoff has hurt him for the start of the season but you can probably expect a handful of targets for him. To me if the Dolphins can limit plays down the middle, they can beat Atlanta. Falcons defense isn’t anything great and with the continued cohesion of the Offensive unit i can see the Fins winning by double digits.

Stretch right? Believe me it isn’t

Factors for the Dolphins win:

  • Lack of run game will keep TE’s back and help out in the pass game to the TE’s and slot
  • Defense will be back to its sacking ways. Expect four in total this weekend.
  • Brent Grimes will draw Julio Jones and in an emotional game for Brent don’t expect any long touchdown throws to his side.
  • Lastly expect Gibson and Clay to have big games against Falcons average LB’s

This is not going to be an easy game but its a game that’s winnable and should the dolphins keep the turnovers down and pressure up on defense this team will take their home opener.

Cid’s Prediction:

31-20 Dolphins




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