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Spread Killer: Why Miami Killed Their Chance

It’s amazing how after a win we, a fan base starved for success, can get so down about a victory. Is it that the bar we set is too high? Maybe it’s the way we dissect wins to make sure it’s worth our time to hope. Whichever is the reason, were right to do so.
I’m new to writing but not new to observation. I’ve watched this team for years before 95 but sadly my mental capacity can only remember that far back. What I can remember from my time as a “football infant” was the excitement for Sundays. Dolphin’s football was a brand. Headlined by a Hall of Fame QB and a gritty defense, every year was promising only to end up 10-6 or 11-5 with a wild card win and divisional defeat. We were left hungry just not starved.
Fast forward to the present day, our hopes are resting on the shoulders of a GM, who still hasn’t proven himself, an unproven but potential filled coach and QB.

Getting hungrier?

The front office has sold us on this spread offense that plans to be lethal but through a season and a half the only thing lethal is the injection into the fans veins. I for one loved the idea to go spread. We’re adapting to what the league has pushed for, high octane and a lot of points. Well I’m here to dash your dreams, not as a starved fan but as a student of the game.

Warning: Grab a Snickers your starvation may reach new heights

First off lets point out the good that the front office has done. They did a great job to sure up the line for our main offensive philosophy, throwing the ball. Clabo is proven, Jerry has taken huge strides, Pouncey is the center we wanted since Tim Ruddy left, Incognito though tempered has done well, and Martin is serviceable. They did a good job last year and after a shakey first half, they definitely did better the second.

Weapons were a key to our free agency and they found one piece that has been missing for over a decade. (not counting Ted Ginn as a deep threat) Wallace showed why we brought him in. His 1 catch for 15 yds is pathetic to those who can’t look deeper. Wallace took 2 guys every pass play. To me that’s a win because we have guys that can separate themselves down the field. Gibson looks to be a strong receiver who can handle nickel backs and LBs with ease. 20 yds on the ground or not I do like Lamar Miller. He has big play ability and has shown he will improve in areas that he lacks in.

Lastly, the key to any offensive philosophy the quarterback is where the offense excels or dies. Ryan Tannehill has the physical tools to become a very good quarterback in this league. Other parts of his game that really stand out are pocket presence, his field general attitude and being able to bounce back from bad plays. Short term memory loss is a big key to becoming a star in the league especially as QB.

Now on to the big failures that are going to haunt the Dolphins and our dreams.
The spread offense isn’t new. We have so many teams running it that it’s not hard to study. Saints, Patriots, Packers, Lions and Broncos are the prime examples of the spread. Aside from having great QBs these teams have one thing the dolphins don’t have, a great short route guy. Our man for that spot was traded to the team we played week 1. Saints have Lance Moore and Darren Sproles, Patriots had Welker and now Edelman, Packers have Randall Cobb, Lions had Titus Young now have Ryan Broyles, and the Broncos now have brought in Welker after having Stokley’s services. Dolphins have done a good job at bringing in guys to help the spread but if you want lose that slot guy you better have a running attack to protect you, sadly the Dolphins may not have that.

When the transformation to the spread happen all I could think about was Bess finally being where he needed to be. He’s a possession guy, he’s a wiggle guy and on any of the teams I just mentioned he would be grabbing 80 balls a year. He should be doing that for us this year but we decided he wasn’t needed.

I beg to differ.

You may tell yourself that I’m pessimistic or negative, I’m just being honest. I still think the Dolphins have a chance at having a decent run this year. A lot can be pointed to play calling and the lack of adjustments at the line. But the ineffectiveness of our running game in Week 1 is scary. Having a receiver like Bess would not only help this running game by taking LB’s and Safeties out of the box but will actually make Miami what they intended to be, a true spread offense.

This article may just be a result of hunger but all I ask is that Miami allows me to see what they promise. I understand how hard it is to win a Super Bowl and I can’t ask for that every year, but if you’re going to promise me a lethal offense, take a working blueprint and follow it.

For now I’ll unwrap my snickers because I get negative when I’m starved.

Updated: September 13, 2013 — 9:22 am
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