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Betting On The Next Miami Dolphins Game



It has been a long wait for fans of the Miami Dolphins for the new NFL football season to commence. However, the start of the season is drawing nearer with each passing day. A lot of excitement surrounds the new season given coaching and staffing changes. Many fans are brimming with anticipation to see how well their team will perform in the new season. For some of these fans, sports betting is providing an outlet through which they can have some involvement in the impending season as they continue to wait.

Right now, the main bets that can be placed are what are known as future bets. As one might think judging by the name, these pertain to future events within the season and their results. Placing this kind of wager right now comes with a lot of inherent risk which makes them also quite lucrative should they be successful. Of these bets, probably the one that is placed the most is which NFL team will win the Super Bowl. Many fans often place their money down on their favourite team. Therefore, for Dolphins fans, the odds of their team winning are currently set at 50 to 1. This means for a standard bet of $100, the payout for the Dolphins actually winning would be $5000.

Once a futures bet is placed, there is obviously some time that must elapse before the result is know. In the meantime, Miami Dolphins fans can continue to enjoy aspects of football by playing football themed slot machine games at Gaming Club online casino games. One of these is a game known as $5 Million Dollar Touchdown. The game features symbols taken right from football including players, cheerleaders, footballs and a referee’s whistle. Many fans will find that this game can fit into any budget has it has a large range of coin denominations that can be used.

Updated: July 11, 2013 — 4:29 pm
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