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Dolphins Look To Pick Up Pace

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As seen in HBO Hard Knocks that premiered last season, the Dolphins introduced a high tempo, no huddle offense.  Along with the presence of head coach Joe Philbin, the Dolphins changed their practice format to comply with this pace, as they ran a “dual team practice” in which two squads would practice almost simultaneously, which introduced the offense to a higher tempo pace.  With OTA’s under way, it is becoming more apparent the Dolphins are set on becoming a high tempo offense.

“I think the biggest things that we’ve talked about is being able to move the chains,”  “(That’s) I think really the one deciding things that gets you the opportunity to call more plays and play faster. So I think to that degree, the more weapons you have on offense you’ve got to believe that helps your percentages of getting more first downs and creating that type of tempo”, said Philbin on Tuesday.

With quarterback Ryan Tannehill entering his second year of presence in the NFL, he feels he will be much more comfortable to the way things work.  With the acquisitions of speedy wide outs like MIke Wallace and Brandon Gibson, the goal of moving the chains and being up tempo is seemingly more accessible. The acquisitions of these stars really bring in more possibilities for stretching the field on offense.

The way Joe Philbin runs practice not only keeps things at a high tempo, but also allow young players to make a name for themselves among the veterans.

Philbin said, “part of the reason that we do things on two different fields or in two different drills is to create that opportunity, certainly sometimes in the recruiting process for free agents, undrafted college guys, I think guys who have been here will tell them they get reps. It’s not like some places where a free agent gets three reps in the whole practice.”

On Tuesday of OTA’s, it was apparent the Dolphins looked to do just that, be up tempo, showcase the rookies and spread the field.



Updated: May 26, 2013 — 11:57 pm

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  1. stanger says:

    Philbin’s comment about “move the chains” is the key. Up tempo works great if you are tiring their D out. Not so well when you do a quick three and out and just tire out your own.

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