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Addressing the Dolphin’s Offensive Line

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It was an apparent question heading into the offseason that needed addressing, the offensive line.  Heading into the offseason the Dolphins were searching for answers with Jake Long, after he packed his bags for St. Louis, the Dolphins looked to fill his void through the draft.  Last year the Dolphins were 17th in average yards per carry, and plan to only get better as an offensive line.

Come draft time one of the Dolphin’s primary focuses was how to protect the backfield. At center we have a solid pass blocker in Mike Pouncey, as of now there is no need to fill his spot. With Incognito improving his abilities in mobility, he is also looking like he will be starting in the upcoming season.  With newly acquired guards in Lance Louis from St. Louis, and Dallas Thomas from Tennessee out of the draft, it is seeming that one of these two will start at left guard, where Incognito could be on the other side.

At tackle we have young talent from previous drafts, and newly acquired talents as well.  With Jake Long no longer  a Miami Dolphin, it is apparent that Jonathan Martin will fight to fill this spot.  After Jake Long was injured last season, Martin filled his spot, and had an average year. At the opposite tackle newly acquired Tyson Clabo from the Atlanta Falcons is apparent to be in a starting role come week one.

In terms of depth then, we have players like Jonathan Jerry, or Nate Garner who could fill a role if needed. It does not sound like the much anticipated Brandon Albert will be coming to Miami Dolphins after all.  So we are faced with what we have, here is a proposed depth chart for the offensive line:


LT                                 LG                              C                             RG                               RT

Jonathan Martin   Lance Louis         Mike Pouncey       Richie Incognito         Tyson Clabo

John Jerry    Dallas Thomas                                                Nate Garner


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