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Where Do We Go From Here? It’s Draft Day.

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All the rumors in the NFL, as well as the pundits on television, are pushing for the Dolphins to move up in the draft and go after one of the “big & sexy” tackles on the draft board. Miami is armed to the teeth with the draft picks to move any which way that they choose, and to leap over someone if they have to because they have a deep infatuation with a particular player. Make no mistake folks, if you need anything other than a quarterback or a running back, this is an extremely deep class of players with little separation between the top of the board and the middle of the board, and very few players to become infatuated with over others, while still being able to grab a starting caliber player in round three.

While in many years, I would support the Dolphins moving up into the top 10 to go after a player, I’m going to go a different direction here: Jeff Ireland, if you’re reading this, I implore you – if you’re going to trade, trade down, not up.

Miami may lose one of their second round picks for Brandon Albert, which I’m a little torn on.  If he was willing to move to the right side, I think Miami looks far better with Martin on the left and Albert on the right – but not for $8+ million.

One thing that makes this interesting, and as a certain article called out right here on Phinatics, is that if you’re able to pick up Tavon Austin at number 12, Bess becomes immediate trade fodder (while I love Bess and would hate to see him go). One team that immediately becomes a prime target for Bess’s services once Tavon is off the board? The Minnesota Vikings. If Adrian Peterson wants another shot at the record, he’s going to need receivers for a lower echelon quarterback to throw the ball to. As there may be a bidding war for Bess’s services (there are currently a reported 6-7 teams expressing interest), Miami may be able to turn this into a pick in round 3 or 4 – and in round 3, Miami could easily fill a hole on either offense or defense with a potential starter. Another rumor surrounding Bess has him going to Cleveland for mid-round “picks” – notice the plurality of this? As sad as I’ll be to see him go, things could get very interesting here in a hurry today.

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