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Will Wallace’s Fantasy Value Increase?

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Most Miami Dolphins fans are thrilled with the addition of Mike Wallace.  His ability to stretch the field is something that the Dolphins haven’t had in years.  Let’s face it, Brandon Marshall was a legit number 1 but he wasn’t a speed burner like Wallace.

While it’s way too early to try and guess what Mike Wallace might bring to Miami, it’s never too early to wonder out loud how Wallace’s arrival would shake up the value charts in Fantasy Football.

Wallace is top threat who could collect 60 – 75 catches or more and possibly add six to seven touchdowns.  If you are in a yardage league, Wallace could eat it up.

While Wallace is one member of the Dolphins that could see an increase in fantasy football production,  word on the street is that New York Jets TE Dustin Keller could also be joining the team.

Keller would also see a huge increase in production over his stay with the Jets.  The Dolphins run a TE heavy offense that uses the WR in a similar fashion to the slot receiver.

What is certain is that the Dolphins are trying to add firepower to an offense that has been relatively stagnant for years.  They are working on giving Ryan Tannehill more targets.  If Ryan Tannehill can improve, he too could very well see his fantasy value go up as well.


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