Just A Fan, Is Never Enough!

Announce The 2013 Miami Dolphins 4th Round Pick!


Imagine yourself being introduced to the stage by a top NFL executive.  Media spread out in front of you, fans holding their breath, an NFL executive whispering in  your ear the correct pronunciation of the name you are about to speak into the mike.  You clear your throat feel a little sheepish and say,

“With their first pick in the 4th round of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select…”

That can be you and no you do not have to imagine it.  The Dolphins are giving away the opportunity to do exactly what I just said.  To win you simply need to join the Miami Dolphins “Fin Club”.  Membership is free and the Dolphins have already started with their kick-off to the contest with “Win It Wednesdays!”.  One lucky winner in this contest, will receive round-trip airfare for two, hotel accommodations, $150.00 spending cash, as well as a photo at the draft table!

Registration for this opportunity is open until March 19th so get yourself registered now!  Click here and good luck!!!

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