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Time To See More Rookies

When the Miami Dolphins entered the 2012 season it was evident a rebuilding process was in place.  A rookie was starting a quarterback, the teams best wide receiver was traded for 2 third round picks, a former first round pick at corner was traded for a second and a late round pick.  A new offensive and defensive coordinator were implementing their schemes.  With that much change taking place, it was hard to have expectations of playoffs.  Yet, with the decent start hopes were raised, then dashed over the last month of this season.  Now it’s back to ‘Fireland’ and ‘Philbin isn’t the right man for the job.’  Rebuilding a team takes time, maybe 3 or 4 years, definately not 1.

This season was about getting Ryan Tannehill experience, nothing more.  If this team is able to win more than 7 games along the way it will be a bonus.  There is a definite lack of talent at wide receiver and tight end for this team to be competitive on the offensive side of the ball.  As much as I like Hartline and Bess, they wouldn’t be a 1 or 2 receiver on most teams in the league.  Same can be said about Anthony Fasano, he surely isn’t a Gronk or Jimmie Graham.

If the Dolphins plan to be a playoff contender year after year they must upgrade those positions.  They have plenty of ammo heading into this offseason with 10 draft picks, 5 of those in the first 3 rounds, and will have plenty of cap space, especially if they let Jake Long test the free agent market, which I hope they do.  If the Dolphins overpay and give long a huge contract, I think that would be a mistake.  He hasn’t played like an elite LT over the past few seasons, and his injuries are starting to pile up.  I believe the Dolphins drafted Jonathan Martin to be the successor to Long on the left side, and we will get a chance to see how well he will fit that role over the last month of the season.

I’d also like to see if Michael Egnew can play or not.  With one more loss, the ultra slim playoff chances the Dolphins had will definitely be over, so they might as well see what they have with the 3rd round pick.  Lamar Miller and Rishard Matthews need to see the field more too.  Let them make mistakes and get experience for next year.  This coaching staff needs to see what they have in these players to help them figure out exact needs this offseason.

Phins Up!



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  1. Gary Duncan says:

    Agree…New QB and Coaching staff will take us 3 years to see the Fruits of there Labor. At the start I “WISHED” for a 500 season (which was a very large prediction on my part) and am am excited at what I have seen so far and what our “Up Side Potential” for the future looks like…Keep It Going…FINS UP!!!

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