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Don’t Be Santana Moss!

Anyone who has played fantasy football long enough knows how it can be to draft Santana Moss at wideout.  The guy is just maddening to have on your roster.  He’ll light it up for a week, have 150-200+ yards, two or three touchdowns, and you think “This is how it will be from now on!” only to watch his fantasy stat line generate two points, no points, four points.  So you give up on him, though never completely, and set him on the bench until he figures it out and BAM!  Here comes Santana with another 150+ yard, 3 TD performance. 

After that performance, there is no way you can bench him for a while… and he’ll give you his two points per week and tease you with all that potential and with his terrible consistency.  He’s a likeable guy, and that makes it worse for you.  He’s not a “Diva Receivah.” He can throw in a zero point week as a likeable guy, and you’re frustrated but willing to forgive him until you finally tire of it, and drop Santana from your roster.   His breakout games don’t even tend to make sense, as there isn’t even consistency with the breakout games being against a poor pass defense.  They could come at any time, against any opponent.  Unfortunately, his poor games where he doesn’t show up at all can also come at any time, against any opponent.  If you look at his season stat lines, they mask this fact, but overall that is the general case from season to season.  Some people will make an argument for a season or two of his, but over a long career, it only helps support the consistency issue.

All of this adds up to maddening, hair pulling experiences for the fans as they watch the game.  You know what he can do, but you don’t know if he’ll do it this week… or next week… maybe not even the week after.  There is such a high level of potentially there, it is very hard to give up on the player because his good games lead to a win more oft than not.

You may ask yourself, why on earth do we have a column on Santana Moss on a Dolphin’s fan site?  Is it because of the consistency preached by the Dolphins front office?  Is it to support Jeff Ireland’s talk with Vontae Davis about the peaks and valleys of his play and what he expects from the players on this team?  All of those are valid points, but not the reasoning behind this column.  This column is to implore Brian Hartline to find whatever he found within himself for that franchise record game earlier this year, and to bring it to the table every week.  I won’t kid myself or you that it will equate to the numbers he put up in that game, but is it unrealistic to think that with Tannehill at the helm and consistent play from Hartline that he can’t get 100+ yards nearly every week?  Not at all.

I like Brian, he’s a class act.  I don’t care what his numbers do for anyone’s fantasy team, I just want to see him succeed on the football field, even if it means he eats up a little bigger piece of the Dolphins salary cap next season.  I want to see him be that consistent performer that I know he can be. 

Brian Hartline, don’t be Santana Moss… you’re better than that.

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