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Look-a-Likes, Nicknames and Dolphins – Oh My!

Alright Dolfans, I’ll admit it.  I’m pretty much a geek of the 80’s, movies, randomness, Chris Berman, etc.  I completely geeked out when Omar Kelly of the Sun-Sentinel put together his article relating to his latest nickname for Ryan “Sho’Nuff” Tannehill and explained his reasoning behind it (see article here).  I love that movie, and am glad to see someone else remembers it.  My friends will tell you that I have a penchant for quoting movies, and one of my favorite quotes around, like Ol’ Faithful, is going back to the classic “Who’s the baddest brother in here?  SHO’NUFF” line.  I love it.  It’s pure 80’s badassery (yes, another favorite made up word from my collection), it’s crap, and I love it.

Taking a page of inspiration from Omar, and from the HBO’s Hard Knocks episode where the players held the “look-a-like” contest, a little inspiration from the remake of Arthur starring Russell Brand…  I’ve decided to share a few of my random musings surrounding the players, coaches and others that I share with my family and friends as we watch the Dolphins each Sunday. 

I’m sure that I may get some feedback from this, and would love to know any that you have as well.  Remember, this is all a bit of light-hearted fun.  I’ll start off with three for you, plus two “honorable mentions” as well.


Without further adieu, here’s the first three for you:

Anthony Fasano – Staff Seargant Donny Donowitz, aka “The Bear Jew,” from Inglorious Basterds:  I have to admit, this is one of my favorite ones.  It’s a look-a-like and a nickname all rolled into one.  Every Sunday, like clockwork, the Dolphins are on TV at my Uncle’s House (living in New England, this is thanks to modern technology and the ever-exorbitant price tag on NFL Sunday Ticket).  Without fail, you will find me sitting in the chair, and the second Fasano shows up on screen, screaming “THE BEAR JEW!!!” or “Throw it to the Bear Jew!!!”  My uncle and my father have joined in the fun, it’s addictive, and I keep waiting for it to get old – it just doesn’t.

Richie Incognito – Ram-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe: This one just makes me laugh, because it’s all I can picture every time I see Incognito in full uniform.  I love watching the guy maul people on play after play, but it’s what I picture when he’s out there.









Joe Philbin – 8D8 Smelter Droid, Star Wars Episode VI: The Return of the Jedi :  This one took a bit of research on the ol’ www, but I found the title of the droid I picture every time they zoom in on Philbin.  It makes me laugh that it’s the droid that’s responsible for torturing other droids and putting their feet to the fire.










Honorable Mention:

Tim Tebow – On second thought, I won’t include him as he’s not a Dolphin (Thank god), and I’m trying to also keep this list to actual NFL players, coaches and will allow myself one exception, but I’m not using it for Tebow… just because he’s listed on an NFL roster doesn’t make him an NFL player…









Mrs. Lauren Tannehill – I really don’t have a nickname for her, I just wanted an excuse to put a picture of her in the article for all of you Dolfans out there.











Does anyone else have any players to add for look-a-like’s, nicknames or others?  Keep ‘em coming, Dolfans!

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