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Monday Blame Game

Yesterday the Miami Dolphins suffered one of those losses that just makes you shake your head and wonder……’why me?”  This time the loss hit much harder.  The Dolphins had the Jets against the ropes until late in the 4th quarter, only to lose the game in overtime.  Any other team wouldn’t have hit the mid section so hard, but since it was the much hated rival Jets, today just feels worse.

Much can be said as to who should take most of the blame for the loss.  Was it the play calling by Mike Sherman?  Was it the clock management of Joe Philbin?  Should he have just taken a knee late in the second quarter instead of running the ball and having Reggie Bush get knocked out of the game?  Would we be talking about any of this is Dan Carpenter made either one of the two field goals he missed?  Here’s my take on this, and who should take more of the blame.

Let’s start with the play calling.  I can’t believe how much of an issue this has become within the Dolphin fan base.  I can remember numerous occasions during the Sparano era when he would take a knee late in halves and get completely booed!  Now, we have a coach that is taking more chances and he’s getting blamed for not being conservative!  Are you kidding me?  I would much rather try and score more points than take a knee any day of the week, especially on Sundays.  Also, when it was evident that Miami was in field goal range late in the game and in overtime, instead of sitting on the ball and running it, Sherman threw it to go for the win.  This is the kind of attitude I want my coach to have each and every time out.

Now let’s take a look at running Reggie Bush instead of throwing the ball down field.  Did you know that Bush was averaging more per rush at that point in the game than Tannehill was averaging per pass?  The big play potential was greater for Bush than it was for Tannehill, that’s why he ran the ball.  Players get hurt all the time, no matter what.  No one hit Revis yesterday, and he went out for the year with a torn ACL.  Was that anyone’s fault?  No!  Philbin taking blame for Bush getting knocked out is a little far fetched for me.  You can’t blame a coach in that situation.  IF he would have taken a knee, he would have been called too conservative.  If he threw it and it ended up getting picked, then he would have taken heat for that too.

I hate to pin something on one particular player, but if Dan Carpenter makes those kicks we aren’t having any of these conversations today.  He is one of the best kickers in the league, but he missed those kicks and it cost the Dolphins a win.  Should we hang him for that?  No! Remember, this team is more concerned about the development of Ryan Tannehill this season over anything else, whether you believe that or not.  I really like what I saw from him.  He wasn’t able to move the ball through the air all game until late in the 4th quarter and in overtime when it counted.  He showed he has it in him to be one of those killer quarterbacks. The team didn’t get the job done, but Tannehill put them in position to win, and that says a lot about him.  Heck, maybe we shouldn’t be killing Carpenter today, if Anthony Armstrong doesn’t let a ball go right through his hands on a third down, the Dolphins would have had a great chance of running out the clock and securing the win yesterday.

The bottom line is the loss completely sucked, especially since the Dolphins were winning for most of the game.  I like what I saw from Tannehill when the game was on the line.  I like how the offensive line didn’t give up a sack to a Jets team known for blitzing.  I like how well Tannehill takes command of the line of scrimmage, he changed the play at the line a few times yesterday and put the right call out there.

This team is going to get better, but take some lumps along the way.

Phins Up!



  1. bond, david bond says:

    It’s like this folks. The dolphins looked good most of the game. However, every coach must come to know the abilities and limitations of his players. If Dan Carpenter has already made a 42 yard field goal and missed one 47 yard field goal; why in the hell would you MAKE him try a 48 yard field goal when the game is on the line and the game is in your hands to win? You have 4 freaking downs to get closer. Common sense says run the dam ball and pick up a few more sure yards for the kicker; knowing that he is automatic at 40 yards or less.

    1. Gaige says:

      He could have missed at less than 40 yards just as easily. I like the approach the staff took by being aggressive and going for the win. Hindsight is always 20/20.

      1. Bruce says:

        Exactly right! What we saw yesterday was better than what we saw under Sparano!

    2. Bruce says:

      That’s the thing, they were taking shots to WIN the game and not have to kick a field goal. I like this, Tannehill will learn from it and become better! That was the first time in the NFL he was put in that situation, and he did enough to give the team a chance to win. The next step will be for him to win the game with the offense, not with the kicker! This is a year for development!

  2. Jon Coleman says:

    I hate to see us lose, especially when we have the lead most of the game…. But I love what the fins are doing as far as improvement. I don’t think a win or a loss can be attributed to any one play or player. The team lost and there are several reasons for the loss. Tannehill’s INT, the fumble, the missed catches, the missed field goals… They all add up, but what I see adding up is the fact that we are and will continue to get better. As a team the fins lost and as a team they need to come together, continue to improve and put points on the board…. The rest will fall into place!!!

  3. Daniel Costa says:

    Sorry, I disagree with this on serveral fronts. First off, you don’t have to take a knee at the end of the half, but you also don’t have to use your star back in a garbage time play. The chances he was gonna bust a 90 yard TD at that point was kind of slim methinks. And neither Tanne nor Bush was averaging 90 yards per play at that point

    And another fault with your argument, if they were so certain that Bush was gonna get them some sort of big play, why were they throwing at all from down there with such little time left? Even if Tanne was having a good game, why would you risk stopping the clock, which happened with the incompletion? So, your Bush big play argument suffers here as well.

    And then there’s the timoeut. Ohhh that got my goat.

    You know something? If you’re at the 30 or 40 or 50 yard line, fine, let’s see what happens. Being agressive is great, but being smart is better. You’re backed up with the lead and a minute left? Run the ball a few times and get out of there. If they wanted to give it to Bush the first down and he gets a first, ok maybe I woulld have understood, but they didn’t. They ran, called a TO, threw, then gave to Bush to get hurt. It’s like two different people called that series from two different games!!! It was indecision at its finest. The end of the game should be a clear sign that they’re not prepapred for end of game/end of half scenarios

    Protect your qb a little. Give him confidence by not putting him a stupid positions. When he gtes better, then you get gutsier!

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