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Who’s Next For The Miami Dolphins?

What another exciting week this has been for the Miami Dolphins.  HBO couldn’t have picked a better year to feature the team for Hard Knocks.  Going back to August 19th, we have seen the best wide receiver on the team get arrested, then cut just hours after his release from jail.  Next came the announcement that Ryan Tannehill would be the starting quarterback.  Then came the Vontae Davis trade.  What is going to happen next?

Here’s what we know.  The wide receiver need help, especially with the news today that Julius Pruitt was released.  He was thought of as someone who would make the 53 because he was having a good camp at wide receiver, and he is a beast on special teams.  So 2 receivers that were thought to make the team, Chad Johnson, and Julius Pruitt are gone.  Rumors are flying around cyberspace as to what is going to happen next.  I think one of the following is going to happen.  John Jerry or Reggie Bush and a draft pick with be dealt to Pittsburgh for Mike Wallace, or James Jones could be had for a mid to late round pick.  Either trade gets Miami a better receiver than they currently have on their roster.  No, they will not go after Dante Stallworth, T.O., or Plaxico.

Here’s why those trades with Pittsburgh may work.  Pittsburgh’s number 1 pick, G David DeCastro, injured his knee in their last preseason game, and they are already thin on O-Line as it is.  Jerry could step in and contribute right away until DeCastro is healthy again.  Reggie Bush would work because Pittsburgh is thin at running back.  He is not the typical runner the Steelers use, but with Todd Haley running the offense, Bush could be a good fit.  The Steelers clearly like Antonio Brown moving forward because he is the one that was awarded an extension before Mike Wallace.  Wallace is said to sign his tender and be at practice as early as tomorrow, he can’t be dealt until he signs his tender.  Funny how he is going to sign his deal when all these rumors started isn’t it?  Also, IF the Dolphins end up making the trade for Wallace, look for Jake Long to get an extension to free up cap space so a long term deal could be discussed with Wallace.

Now I’m going to throw another one out there.  Don’t count out the Arizona Cardinals to come in a make a play for Matt Moore.  I believe Matt Moore would be better than John Skelton or Kevin Kolb at this point in time.  If Garrard is able to make it back soon from his knee surgery, Moore could be out the door.  This would give Miami even more picks for next years draft, or to use now to pull off a trade for a WR, or offensive lineman.

The next 10 days are going to be very interesting, stay tuned…..

Phins Up!


Updated: August 28, 2012 — 1:27 am


  1. whoknowsnothing says:

    I like your comment at the end of the article…….Matt Moore to the Cardinals!!!!!
    Moore has looked way better than any QB on the Cardinals roster! More picks for the Phins!!!!

  2. Bruce Lamb says:

    You never know with this team, I think someone will come in and make a play for Moore before the start of the season.

  3. Fins4ever says:

    Considering the depth at RB and being Reggie’s last contract year, I would be all for some type of deal.

    If they think Jerry is going to “get it together”,I keep him. The Fins are also thin at RG.

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