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Roster Cuts Are Looming For The Miami Dolphins

It’s getting close to that time of year.  That time when NFL teams are forced to slim down the size of their roster.  By Monday, the Miami Dolphins must be at 80 players, by next Friday, it must be trimmed down to 53.  From now until then, coaches will be evaulating almost every play they have on film if they haven’t already.

This is also the time of year that General Manager’s begin to look at the players on other teams that may be cut or slipped onto the practice squad.  Jeff Ireland has made a lot of moves over the past few years after roster cuts and practice squads have been set.  This year could provide some similar moves.  I don’t see him making as many as he has in the past, but I could see him digging for a wide receiver, linebacker, or offensive lineman.

Eric Steinbach announced his retirement today (after his meeting with coach Philbin was shown on Hard Knocks).  He just didn’t have it anymore after trying to come back after sitting out all of last year with an injury.  That takes the roster down to 88.  Between now and Monday some 13 players will have to be cut from the team.  Who said the preseason doesn’t mean anything?  It does for the player

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  1. Fins4ever says:

    Hey Bruce,”FWIW the NFL changed the cuts to 80 from 75 when they decided to go from 80 to 90.

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