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Coyle’s Kids Need To Come Of Age



Last season, the Miami Dolphins secondary was about as bad as bad can be.  According to Pro Football Focus, Vonte Davis ranked at #43, with Sean Smith at #105 at CB.  At S, Culver was #49, and Jones was #56.  Our FA addition, in Marshall, was #51.  Carroll, Clemons, and Wilson did not play much but, were no better.

Based on those rankings, we had no one worthy of starting in the NFL.  Do we need to replace the entire secondary?

There were reasons and/or excuses for some of our bad play last year.  There were injuries, and the lockout really hurt our team.  In 2010, VD was ranked as the #12 CB, and Smith was at #7.  This is overall, and includes run, pass, and even penalties.  It’s hard to believe that any player can go from being that good to that bad.

I have to look at the age, and experience, of Coyle’s Kids in the secondary.  Davis is 24, Smith at 25, with Clemmons at 26.  All have played 3 years.  Jones is 24, Carroll at 25, with 2 years of NFL experience.  Marshall is the old man at 27, with 6 years playing, and Wilson just finished his rookie season.

Coyle has a very difficult task in putting his kids together in a new scheme, trying to find on field leadership, and someone to QB this group in coverage calls.

Based on what I have seen of these players, he does have the talent to make them good or, possibly better.  They are all way too young, and talented, to give up on just yet.

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  1. Fins4ever says:

    Good article Joe! Agree 100%. IMO, the success or lack-of will largley be dependent upon the play of the QB and the secondary.

  2. Yep, we prolly lead the league youth-wise in the secondary. Speaking of which, I agree with SoBe (sheesh, I haven’t typed “SoBe” in too our guys must graduate from secondary school to quality NFL level play. However, in their defense, our pass rush wasn’t so good. Wake had an off year, and it took Dansby 12 games to get with the plan.
    If we get sack totals like we should, our d-backs should reap the rewards. BTW, was Coyle with the Bengals last year, or on Philbin’s staff. Pardon the ingnorance.

    BTW, thanks to Brian for helping me finagle the technical stuff to find my way here.
    Go Fins.

  3. Dave says:


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