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Miami Ends Disappointing Preseason


The Miami Dolphins 2012 preseason is over.  Finishing 0-4, and not looking like a team that is going to be competitive this season.  Most of the receivers look awful.  They cannot get good separation, and they drop a lot of passes.  The defense clearly looks like it doesn’t have a grasp of the new 4-3 …

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The Fin’s New Culture Is Clear

No BS Zone,

When there are significant changes at the top of an organization, it is accompanied by an uncertainty on what the rest of the staff (in this case players) can expect. Will it be business as usual or will there be major changes? There is no question the Miami Dolphins are undergoing major changes, both in …

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Who’s Next For The Miami Dolphins?

What another exciting week this has been for the Miami Dolphins.  HBO couldn’t have picked a better year to feature the team for Hard Knocks.  Going back to August 19th, we have seen the best wide receiver on the team get arrested, then cut just hours after his release from jail.  Next came the announcement …

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Davis Dealt, Expect More Moves

Vontae Davis was rumored to potentially be traded late last week, today that rumor became true.  Davis was traded to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2nd round pick, and a conditional late round pick.  This is likely the first of many moves GM Jeff Ireland will make before the season begins.  The Dolphins clearly have …

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This Is What We Know About The Miami Dolphin Defense

vontae davis

Yesterday we took a look at what we know abou the Miami Dolphin offense as they head into their ‘dress rehersal’ preseason game against the Atlanta Falcons.  Today we are going to take a look at the defense.  The defense, like the offense, is learning a new system under new coordinator Kevin Coyle.  Gone to …

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This Is What We Know About The Miami Dolphins Offense

reggie bush

After an 0-2 start to the preseason, the Miami Dolphins are preparing for their ‘dress rehersal’ game against the Atlanta Falcons.  This is the game where the starters usually play through halftime, and teams actually game plan a little for it.  It gives the coaching staff a really good preview of what they plan on …

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Jim Turner Determined To Get Jerry In Shape

John Jerry #74. Photo by

After watching the 3rd episode of Hard Knocks, it is evident that Offensive Line Coach Jim Turner is determined to “whip” an overweight John Jerry into playing shape. Given the current depth and uncertainty of the right guard position, I don’t blame him a bit. JJ is currently listed last on the depth chart (click …

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FinsRadio Tonight At 8! Talking Fantasy Football

Tonight, I will be pulling double duty as I host‘s “On the FinSide” while conducting my own “LIVE” fantasy football draft.  So why bother with countless ‘mock drafts’ that inevitably get screwed up because some idiot takes a guy nobody drafts in the entire league, in the first round.  This is one of our pay leagues (there is …

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Odds Of NFL Teams Making The Playoffs?

The NFL is a multi-million dollar industry.  From merchandise to player cards, team paraphernalia, to ticket and vending prices.  Get through counting all that and the sports book industry is just as large, if not larger. takes the guess work out of the equation. Like everything, there are top sites that are trusted by …

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Roster Cuts Are Looming For The Miami Dolphins

It’s getting close to that time of year.  That time when NFL teams are forced to slim down the size of their roster.  By Monday, the Miami Dolphins must be at 80 players, by next Friday, it must be trimmed down to 53.  From now until then, coaches will be evaulating almost every play they have …

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