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How Important is “GM Salesmanship”?

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Put in naval terms, the General Manager (GM) is the Captain of the ship. He picks the crew and let’s the 1st mate (the Head Coach) steer the boat. The importance of the GM cannot be understated and can easily be the difference between the ship reaching her destination or  hitting an iceberg on her maiden voyage. …

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Miami Dolphins Are Not Rebuilding, They Are Developing

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After the Miami Dolphins front office has finally spoke about what is going on with the team, it’s easy to tell the team is set on not overspending for players.  They are confident in this coaching staff’s ability to develop young players.  This should excite us as fans.  Take a look around the league and …

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Ryan Tannehill’s Pro Day: What Does It Mean?

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Ryan Tannehill reportedly had an impressive pro day Thursday, helping solidify him as a possible top 10 pick. Tannehill completed 65 of 68 passes, with two of them being drops. Too much stock should not be put into this, however. All this does is prove what we already know about him. Pro days generally aren’t givien too …

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I Don’t Want to Hear the “R” Word!


I normally read 15 to 20 Miami Dolphin related articles each week; sometimes more depending on the time of year. During free agency, the draft and during the season it could be as many as 40-50 articles. Not having the privilege of having any type of inside information or a direct contact with the organization, like …

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Don’t Look For The Miami Dolphins To Take A QB In The 1st Round

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As we move from free agency to the draft, one thing is becoming more and more clear, the Miami Dolphins like Matt Moore.  The biggest signing the Miami Dolphins could have done this offseason was to sign one of the available free agent quarterbacks to be the starter for the Miami Dolphins.  As we all …

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Is Eight Heads Better Than Two?

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I am sure you have heard of the old adage that “two heads are better than one.” How about eight heads? Is eight heads better than two? The eight heads I am referring to is the Execuitive Committee and the GM of the Green Bay Packers.  Click here to learn more. The two heads as …

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Dolphins To See Tebow Twice

Tebow To The Jets

  The New York Jets have acquired Tim Tebow and a 7th round pick from Denver for a 4th round and 6th round pick in this April’s draft.  The Jets have agreed to pay half of the 5 million in compensation owed to them as part of Tebow’s contract language. The move is significant in many …

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Finsradio Tonight At 8!

There is a lot to talk about.  Find out why I still believe that our best option is Jeff Ireland while at the same time believe that Stephen Ross needs to let him go.  We will be joined by Chris Kouffman of and will open the phone lines early to take your calls about the firestorm …

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Miami Dolphins: Will the Fans Buy In?

With the recent hatred toward Jeff Ireland and the recent roster moves, one has to wonder how big of a hit ticket sales will take. It’s very clear that fans are unhappy, evident by the “fireland” rally that took place today. Jeff Ireland has done NOTHING thus far to provoke fans to dish out money …

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Is Jeff Ireland Facing Unfair Criticism?

Has there been a more tenuous off-season in history for the Miami Dolphins? Currently, there are throngs of Dolphin fans in Davie “protesting” outside team headquarters calling for the immediate firing of Jeff Ireland. With clever signs and chants that rhyme “Marino” and “Ireland’s got to go!” the Dolphin faithful are clearly demonstrating their recent …

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