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  2. Dolphins Bolster Entire Defense in One Bold Move — April 26, 2013
  3. Where Do We Go From Here? It’s Draft Day. — April 25, 2013
  4. A Pack of Huskies Could Have Positive Impact for Miami — April 19, 2013
  5. How Do The Dolphins Get More Exciting on Offense? — April 19, 2013

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Dear Mr Ross, It’s All About Class

I left watching this year’s NFL draft feeling great about the direction the organization is headed.  Miami made some selections both great and solid, and positioned themselves well.  I never thought I would  be at peace with losing Davone Bess, but with the moves that they’ve been making, it makes too much sense.  I like …

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Dolphins Bolster Entire Defense in One Bold Move

Nobody could’ve predicted this move, or seen it coming.  Miami was sitting at the number 12 selection and the analysts had the ‘Fins trying to move up to take one of the top three Offensive Tackles in the draft.  Picks one and two came off the board, and only one offensive tackle was left out …

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Where Do We Go From Here? It’s Draft Day.

All the rumors in the NFL, as well as the pundits on television, are pushing for the Dolphins to move up in the draft and go after one of the “big & sexy” tackles on the draft board. Miami is armed to the teeth with the draft picks to move any which way that they …

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A Pack of Huskies Could Have Positive Impact for Miami

Every once in a while, there is a rising program in College Football that stays somewhat under the radar as that school ascends.  Generall, that school has a handful of folks begin showing up earlier and earlier on draft day, but because they aren’t one of the “football factory” schools yet, they stay somewhat under …

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How Do The Dolphins Get More Exciting on Offense?

The Dolphins INSTANTLY got more exciting on offense by the time Day 1 of the free agency period was in the books.  Ryan Tannehill has weapons now.  They have a sure handed and deceptively speedy wide receiver returning in Brian Hartline.  They have a sure handed third down receiver in Davone Bess.  Lamar Miller has …

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Dolphins Shoot Out of the Free Agency Gate

Updated – 22Mar I think the most appropriate quote of the day, in regard to Day One of Free Agency for the Miami Dolphins, could be summed up by Stan from South Park: “Holy <expletive deleted>, dude.” I fully expected Miami and Jeff Ireland to make a splash on Day One of Free Agency.  Everyone …

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Jeff Ireland’s Formula for the 2013 Dolphins Off-Season

Just what is Jeff Ireland’s off-season strategy this year?  I’ll let you in on a little secret, no one truly knows except the man himself.  This is the time of year where smoke screens run rampant, false information trails heat up, bait-and-switch moves take place in truly cloak and dagger fashion.  Rumors will fly in …

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GM for a day, 2013 Part 1: Free Agency

Jeff Ireland has a thankless job… and he’s actually pretty good at it.  He doesn’t generally overpay for players, and will let a player walk if they are asking for too much money for their talent level.  He doesn’t sacrifice the good of the whole team to pay one player (No one is looking at …

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The Return of Look-a-likes, Nicknames & Dolphins – Oh My!!

Well folks, I’m of the superstitious lot, and I apologize if anyone was looking for this column over the past two weeks.  Between SuperStorm Sandy, a whirlwind work trip overseas (yes, folks… he has a day job!), and general disgust over the Tennessee game… it didn’t happen.  After three weeks with this column, and three …

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NFL Trade Deadline Fast Approaching

With the rapid approach of the NFL trade deadline, as every year, we begin to hear numerous rumors, a plethora of hypothetical scenarios, innumberable reports regarding the word on the street, unrealistic wish lists and day dreams, etc.  At the end of the day, all of the above gain so little traction, and will be …

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