Help The Miami Dolphins Salute To Service Initiative

The Miami Dolphins are pushing forward on a new initiative for the Buffalo Bills game in Miami later this season and they need our help. In fact, they are asking, specifically for this sites help and help from the readers. The initiative is designed to get military families out to the game against the Bills. We need your help with the Miami Dolphins salute to service initiative.

There is no question that our military does a lot to help our nation, like duh! Now we can show some of the local Miami military and their families a little support as well. We will be conducting an immediate drive to raise money for this initiative. If we get $250.00, we will be able to purchase eight game tickets plus an additional two that we will ask the team to donate as well. If we raise $500.00 we will get 20 tickets for military families.

I know this is short notice and the initiative ends October 23rd but the team has asked all of the fan sites to drive this initiative to help raise awareness and get these families to this game. You might be thinking that military families can afford their own tickets but that is not always the case. Many military personnel work for next to nothing and with the climbing prices and state of our economy it gets very difficult. I live 20 minutes outside of Fort Bragg, NC and can attest to the trials that returning troops have to go through to make ends meet.

Help your Miami Dolphins get these great men and women to a Miami Dolphins game. You can donate to this cause in two ways. You can buy the package yourself by going here or you can donate to our drive to buy as many packages as possible by going to our donations page here and following the instructions.

All of those who donate will be a part of special article prior to the Bills game and will have their picture should they desire as well as a special one on one personal Q&A. In addition, the leading donor will receive a signed copy of “Perfection: The Inside Story of the 1972 Undefeated Miami Dolphins” written by Dave Hyde and Bob Griese. The book is signed by Bob Griese.

This is a great initiative that I support 110%. I come from a military family and have a brother currently serving the armed forces and has made several deployments to the Middle East. Let’s show the Miami Dolphins that we are more than just fans…that we are PHINATICS!




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Joe Philbin and Bill Lazor Keep Their Faith in Ryan Tannehill

The Miami Dolphins travel across the Atlantic Ocean to take on the Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium, London on Sunday, desperate to turn around a disappointing start to the season. Having started the campaign with an impressive 33-20 win over the Patriots, the Dolphins have now lost two games straight - including a humbling 34-15 defeat to the previously winless Kansas City Chiefs last Sunday. With the desperate search for answers as to what has gone wrong at the Sun Life Stadium now underway, fingers are being pointed at out-of-form Quarterback Ryan Tannehill as the man who could be sacrificed in an offensive shake-up.

Despite the criticism that the 26-year-old Texan has been receiving in the media and from fans, head coach Joe Philbinhas listed Tannehill as his starting quarterback in the Dolphins latest depth chart and he appears to be determined to stick with his man. When asked if Tannehill would be benched for the game in London, Philbin maintained the line that he would continue to select his 46 best players. ”Really, what we do every single week is the same,” Philbin said. ”We take a look at our roster, we decide who are the 46 players that we can take to the game that can help us win the football game, and how can we best utilize them. So we’ll do that again.”

Philbin may be keen to stand by the Dolphins franchise Quarterback having picked him to start in every single game since he was drafted in 2012, but the stats from the first three games of the season don’t lie and it may not be long until Tannehill’s 35 game streak comes to an end. So far this season the former Texas A&M man has completed just 70 of 124 passes (56.5%), throwing for 624 yards with four touchdowns and two interceptions. After three games he sits way down at 25th in the NFL passing list, having thrown less than 2/3rds ofthe yards that current leader Nick Foles of Philadelphia has (978), and averages just 5.03 yards per throw attempt.

Ryan Tannehill


Despite the mounting criticism aimed towards Tannehill and the obvious defects in the Miami Dolphin’s offence - their points for (58) is currently the fourth worst in the AFC - Joe Philbin was keen for his players to share the responsibility. ”I’m not offering any excuses,” Philbin said. “I don’t think Ryan offers excuses. We’re three games into it and we have to play better as an offensive unit,” the 53 year old added, hinting at his disappointment with receiver Mike Wallace’s form (currently 22nd in receiving yards) and the team’s inability to make up for running back KnowshonMoreno’s injury absence (he is hoping to recover from an elbow problem by week six). “He’s (Tannehill’s) part of that. I don’t view it as a one man issue. The offense has to play better. The offense has to score more points,” he said.

As for offensive co-ordinator Bill Lazor, he was crystal clear about the need for the Dolphins attack to turn their form around and even hinted that he may be under some pressure himself if results don’t improve soon. When asked if Tannehill would start against the Raiders he replied “No, is there any doubt that I’ll be the coordinator this weekend? We all rent these seats. So it’s a production business. That’s what we’re here to do - to produce,” he added, suggesting that he and Tannehill could both be sitting out if the run of poor form continued. Despite this he was bullish about sticking with the recognised starter and warned fans and the media not to pay too much attention to the numbers. ”We don’t grade based off of statistics. We grade them based off of what we see on every single play,” the former Redskins and Seahawks coach said. “We grade off of what he’s supposed to do and it’s an 11-man game so sometimes he does it exactly right and it doesn’t show up on the statistics. But we’re working hard to correct the ones that he’s wrong on,” he added, clear in his mind that the only number that matters is the final score on Sunday.

As for alternatives to Tannehill, the Dolphins aren’t blessed with much strength in depth. With Matt Moore, the second choice Quarterback, having played just one game in 2013 (a 19-0 defeat at Buffalo) and made just two appearances in 2012, it would take real bravery to bench Tannehill now. Moore would come into the side with no form whatsoever after failing to hold down a place in the team since his run of 13 games (throwing for 2497 yards and 16 touchdowns) in 2011. Given this lack of back-up it is unsurprising that the Dolphins coaches seem so keen to stick with Tannehill as a starter, but they may give serious consideration to bringing Moore off the bench if Sunday’s game doesn’t start well.

The Dolphins may go into Sunday’s game at Wembley in disappointing form but they couldn’t hope to be meeting any opponents more than the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders have started 2014 in even worse fashion than the Dolphins, losing all three of their opening AFC West games and, remarkably, scoring 21 points less than the Dolphins in the process. Last time out the Raiders were narrowly beaten by the New England Patriots (16-9), extending their run of straight defeats when playing in the Eastern Time Zone to 15. The additional five hours that the Raiders will lose on their travels to London could do them no favours at all. The Dolphins will go into Sunday’s game as heavy favourites – currently priced at around 1/2 - and fans can keep track of their odds at Betfair. If Ryan Tannehill and his offensive teammates can find some form at Wembley then coach Philbin will be confident of a big win. Should the Dolphins start poorly however, then he must turn to Matt Moore to ensure that his side avoid an embarrassing defeat.

Dolphins Oline Struggles Early In Camp

The Miami Dolphins will have five new offensive line starters come opening day of the 2014 season. Mike Pouncey is out after undergoing hip surgery and the rest of the line is no longer on the team. Tyson Clabo? Gone. Jonathan Martin? Quit. John Jerry? Gone. Richie Incognito? Dismissed. Bryant McKinnie? Gone.

The reality is that the Dolphins are facing issues along the offensive line. The line was supposed to be fixed during free agency and the draft. The team added Branden Albert, Shelley Smith, Jason Fox, David Arkin all through free agency and drafted Ja’Wuan James in round one and Billy Turner in round four.

The Dolphins are well into camp finishing their sixth practice today and while both guard positions seem to be clear and both tackle positions are clear, the center position is killing the Dolphins right now. Shelley Smith was the early starter but his continued inability to get the ball into Ryan Tannehill’s hand has forced the coaching staff to move Nate Garner to the number one spot.

Sam Brenner has been dinged up the last few days so David Arkin has been taking the 2nd team snaps. All the while the coaches have begun to tinker with the players at other positions. The line changes will do nothing for the Dolphins Super Bowl chances.

While there are options currently available on the free agent market, the team is, for now, looking internally at their own roster. They have depth at four of the five positions but the center spot is in flux. With Pouncey out until what is now being thought to be mid-season, the Dolphins must figure out who can step in and up and handle the line calling duties and snaps.

New offensive coordinator Bill Lazor is concentrating on the installation of a new offensive system while John Benton the teams offensive line coach is working to improve the play of a scattered 2013 unit. Earlier today Benton expressed mild concern over the center position but also said he is confident that they can get it worked out.

The Dolphins will play their first squad vs. squad scrimmage on Saturday night and a week later will open their preseason schedule.


Early Super Bowl Odds Favor Denver Seattle Re-Match

phins helmet

With the start of training camp it’s time to look at the entire NFL and see who those early elite teams might be. The Seattle Seahawks are ready to defend their championship title of a year ago and the Denver Broncos have already said anything less than a Super Bowl victory will be considered a failed season.

The Dolphins are not expected to truly compete for a Super Bowl but the fans are hoping for a far better improvement over last years 8-8 record. 9-7 will be an improvement but most fans want to see a return to the 10-6 realm and frankly that’s the only way the Dolphins will win the division and might be the only way the make the playoffs at all.

If you were a betting man, you wouldn’t put your money on the Dolphins this season. The Dolphins are not getting much action in Las Vegas either. A 2015 betting site is predicting a rematch between Seattle and Denver. The Dolphins are so far down on the odds that if you are a betting man, or woman, you would stand to gain a very nice fortune if you did in fact bet on the Dolphins.

Fans have grown increasingly tired of watching the Dolphins collapse late in the season or

find themselves needing help as the last month rolls along. Fans are tired of seeing the New England Patriots find ways to win when their season is on the line and the Dolphins vanishing behind the inability to rally.

This year the Dolphins will work to get to the playoffs and they will have a tough schedule to get there but can they go deep into the playoffs if they make it? The answer should be yes.

Consider that if the Dolphins make the playoffs, the odds are they will likely do so as the AFC East winner and if they can win the division then that means a lot of things are going right for the team. It will mean they have momentum and that the team believes in themselves. That is a dangerous formula to have going into the post-season.

All the pieces will need to come together but that isn’t a crazy thought. Bill Lazor could be the key to making this happen with a new offensive system that could ignite a sleeping high-powered offense. Defensively however, DC Kevin Coyle needs to come up with an answer for the issues that plagued the team last season.

The Dolphins ranked a lot lower than projected last season especially against the run where the team found no linebacker support. The Dolphins defense could be the key to the teams playoff chances. If the offense can generate points under this new system, the Dolphins defense may find themselves the weak link.

Can the Dolphins make the post-season for the 2014 season? Yes. Will they? That depends on far too many variables.


Odds Do Not Favor Miami Dolphins Entering Training Camp


The Miami Dolphins have question marks on the offensive line, they have question marks at linebacker, they have question marks at tight end, shall I continue? Needless to say the Miami Dolphins entering the 2014 season have a lot of questions.

All of those questions won’t be answered anytime soon, but a clearer picture of those answers will begin to get painted next week when the Dolphins open their training camp in Davie, Fl.

The Dolphins will face a tough schedule this season that features the NFC North and a total of nine playoff teams from last season. The AFC East division is also expected to get tougher with the changes made by New York and Buffalo to their rosters.

According to, the Dolphins are 65:1 odds to reach the Super Bowl. New York is a close second behind Miami at 70:1 odds and Buffalo is right behind them both with 75:1 odds. Of course New England is sitting at 10:1.

Training camp will provide fans the first glimpse of the teams new offensive system, a hybrid West Coast offense and spread offense that was run by Chip Kelly in Philadelphia last season. The Dolphins are hoping that former Eagle QB coach, Bill Lazor can turn the Dolphins offense into a formidable one.

The Dolphins are entering the season ranked 18 on which puts them in the middle of the NFL. Ryan Tannehill will have a new offensive line to work in front of him and if he can avoid being sacked, 58 total last season, he may be able to get the kinks worked out between he and Mike Wallace.

The Dolphins are entering a critical year in 2014. Ryan Tannehill enters his 3rd season as a pro but it’s Joe Philbin who could be looking for a job at the end of the season should the Dolphins fail to improve on last seasons 8-8 finish.

As stated, the Dolphins are not looking to answer all of their questions in training camp but they will at least start.

Dolphins Face Uphill 2014 Odds

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The Miami Dolphins faced a New York Jets that showed the Dolphins what pride looks like.  In the process they gave Rex Ryan another season to coach the team. In 2014 the two teams will meet again but the 2014 schedule for Miami won’t be an easy one.

If the Dolphins want to turn around their franchise, something they have not been able to do since Dave Wannstedt took over for Jimmy Johnson, they will need play head and shoulders over their efforts this past season.

The Dolphins will not enter 2014 as division favorites, the  Patriots will enter the season as odds on favorites, yet again.

Many media outlets are not looking favorably on Miami’s chances next season, including ESPN along with several local media newspapers.  The Dolphins, still in a holding pattern with their head coach, OC, and of course Jeff Ireland are far from making a turnaround.

The Dolphins will face outside of their normal division games, the Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers, and Vikings all at home, while traveling to Oakland in London, the Broncos, Jacksonville, Chicago, and to Detroit. Not easy to come off a season one game shy of a playoff birth only to face four playoff teams and four more who were in the hunt.

The Dolphins need to make a decision on their present before they can contemplate their future and owner Stephen Ross is mulling those decisions with his advisers.  The lack of efficiency and energy hurt this team down the final two game stretch.

Next year may be a new season but the bitter taste in the mouths of Miami fans won’t go away any time soon.


Dolphins Vs. New England…All Bets Are Off



The Miami Dolphins face a New England Patriots team that is battered.  The Patriots will be without two WR’s and will turn to a couple of no-names to stack behind starters Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman.  That is the least of Miami’s worries.

This week is the biggest game of Ryan Tannehill’s young career.  Playoffs are on the line and a win could move the Dolphins into sole possession of the sixth seed with a Monday night loss by Baltimore.

Despite the injury concerns for New England, the Patriots find themselves once again the favorites to win in South Florida.  The Patriots will enter – 1 over the Dolphins heading into Sunday’s game.

Many ESPN analysts are picking the Dolphins to win this game as are many national journalists.  In the first meeting the Dolphins opened a 17-3 lead at halftime before imploding in the second half to give New England the victory.  Can the Dolphins fend off a depleted team who is looking to lock down a playoff spot?

If I were a betting man I might be inclined to say no.  The Patriots are resilient and while the Dolphins should be optimistic there will be a battle on Sunday.  The Patriots are not only looking to win the division today by beating Miami they could move into possession of home field advantage throughout the playoffs with Denver’s loss on Thursday night.

The Dolphins need to win to keep pace with Baltimore and hold off a “super-charging” San Diego team.  With three weeks left in the regular season every win/loss becomes important.

Miami and Baltimore can each afford to lose one more provided that both lose one.   As it stands a three way tie with the Chargers could put the Dolphins into the playoffs but only if the Ravens lose one game to either Pittsburgh or Cincinnati.

Regardless of what playoff standing are at stake today you can visit and find the best place to bet the gloves will come off on Sunday between two teams who need to win.  One perhaps a little more than the other.


Dolphins Prepare For Bengals

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Photo Courtesy of

Following a troubling 4 game losing streak, the Miami Dolphins head home for a Prime time Thursday night football game against the 6-2 Cincinnati Bengals.  The Bengals have moved into 1st place in the AFC North, and are currently working on a 4 game win streak.  However things are not looking as bright for our home town Miami Dolphins.  With only a 4 day break from their last game on Sunday, the Dolphins have had an interesting week to say the least.  Read more to find out the latest news, and how the Dolphins can prepare for this high powered Bengals team.

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Dolphins Take Major Step Back


The Miami Dolphins were supposed to have their shot this year at the NFL’s AFC East title.  After Sunday’s loss to the Buffalo Bills that no longer looks to be a slam dunk and in fact looks to be more likely for a NY Jets team who knocked off the Patriots to take command of 2nd place.

NFL odds favored the Dolphins by almost 7 points this past Sunday but the Phins couldn’t get the job done.  In fact not only did they fail to cover the spread, they failed to win the game in what will likely become a vital handicap down the road.

Adding to the teams problems is the play of their QB who has fumbled away and passed away a great start to the season.  Currently Tannehill is on pace for more sacks than any other QB in history and that includes the rookie season of Houston’s expansion year QB David Carr.

This week the Dolphins will travel North to New England where early NFL odds will have the Patriots likely opening around 7 point favorites.  The Patriots who have struggled throughout the season still lead the division with a 5-2 record.  An indication that coaching is a sure way to succeed.

The Patriots saw TE Rob Gronkowski activated for the first time this season and the Dolphins will likely get their share of the bruising pass catcher as Tom Brady looks to rebound from a week seven loss that saw the Patriots throw away NFL odds of minus 9.

With New England set to make it’s run on the AFC East and the Dolphins set to set sail on another season unless they can find a way to start winning ball games, it’s unsatisfying to say this game is a must win.  Unfortunately it is becoming just that.

Miami can not afford to lose two division games this early in a season nor can they afford to drop three game backs on the Patriots.


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